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A New Approach to Overcoming Addiction
Addiction Treatment Options

When addiction treatment options are explored, whichever modality or track an addict needs to overcome his or her addiction (i.e. faith-based, 12-step, cognitive, etc.) is unique to that person, and could not be encompassed in one program until now.

At A Forever Recovery, we understand that no one approach to addiction treatment will work for every individual. We offer a moral reasoning approach to recovery from addiction so that each person can take his or her path to recovery with the spiritual, cognitive, and fellowship support he/she may need. We take an individual approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit of each person with our comprehensive and flexible track options. In addition to offering multiple paths to recovery, we also understand that the process of overcoming addiction is only beginning when drugs and alcohol are removed from the body in the withdrawal process.

Addiction Treatment that Addresses Previous Trauma and Low Self-Esteem

Most addicts have some trauma, or series of events that cause them to think poorly of themselves, and not realize their power and worthiness for happiness and sobriety. This makes addiction more of a symptom than the problem itself, as underlying trauma is often the catalyst for the dysfunctional behaviors associated with addiction. If we only treat the addiction, and never get to the root of the trauma, we are only masking the problem. At A Forever Recovery, our approach is individualized to change the way people feel about themselves, thereby changing their behavior and empowering them to make the proper decisions to cope and be happy in recovery.

Our Approach to Recovery

Our addiction treatment program is unique in our approach to overcoming addiction in a way that works for everyone. Our clients are given the time necessary to accomplish the goals required for a safe and empowered reintegration to society. We understand that every individual is different, and there is no set time within which any one person’s issues can be addressed. Getting to the cause of the underlying problems driving addiction is the most important part of treatment, and healing cannot take place until those issues are addressed.

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Empowerment for Self-Healing

We empower each person to live life the way it is intended. A life of addiction is riddled with sadness, low self-esteem, and disappointment. This is not the way life should be for anyone, and we want all who walk through our doors to become empowered to make the right decisions for the best interests of themselves, their families, and their communities. The word empower means to give power or authority to. If an addict is given only one general path to recovery, and not provided with the option to heal according to his or her beliefs and comfort levels, empowerment is taken away from the very start of the road to recovery.

Multiple Tracks to Recovery

At A Forever Recovery, we understand that every person will have their own path to healing, and we develop a program that guides each individual through a series of courses and individual counseling that fits his or her own belief system and learning preference. The methods we use to accomplish this imperative element for recovery are evidence-based, comprehensive, and personalized.

Our faith-based addiciton treatment track allows our clients who are either believers in, or have an interest in, the teachings of Jesus Christ. For these individuals, the exploration and strengthening of their Christian faith will fortify the spiritual support they will need to maintain their recovery after treatment.
For individuals looking for more fellowship in their recovery efforts, our self-help track develops and facilitates supportive relationships through self-help groups, fellowships, and other recovering community organizations and meetings.
Our Cognitive track is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable in a faith-based environment and typically are not receptive to 12-step drug rehabilitation programs. This track allows our clients who believe that empowerment to overcome addiction comes from within to explore and strengthen their belief systems with the benefits of better understanding their cognitive process and triggers.
The Indigenous track incorporates Native American teachings with the 12 steps approach. Clients on this track will learn not only how to heal themselves from addiction, but also how to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Aftercare Treatment for Continuing Sobriety

Since we provide multiple options for the most individualized and effective treatment program for every person, the path to healing at A Forever Recovery starts with empowerment, which is the essential element in all practices required for sustained recovery. The process of tackling daily stressors and triggers, rebuilding broken relationships, finding (or maintaining) a job, and doing all of this while remaining focused on sobriety and health can be daunting and overwhelming. We understand the difficulties associated with an addict returning home to his/her family, spouse, parents, friends, and/or co-workers.

There are insight, communication, and coping skills that must be at work on multiple levels within the inner circle of a recovering addict returning home to facilitate sustained sobriety. This is why our aftercare program is so important and tailored specifically to the needs of each person and his or her inner circle before leaving treatment.

We at A Forever Recovery,  want the same thing that families and loved ones of addicts want. We want them to be happy, healthy, and making the best decisions for what is right for them and their recovery. We develop a plan with each individual before he or she leaves treatment, covering all aspects of life outside the facility walls. Some of the ways we help addicts stay on the right path:

  • We help establish connections to support groups and religious institutions.
  • Facilitate the continuation of healthy recovery-minded activities.
  • Provide resources for sustained fitness regimens and nutrition.
  • Review contacts for whom a personal accountability partner will be available for any needed support or assistance.

Our aftercare program provides constant contact with both recovering addicts and their families and loved ones to be sure things are on track for a successful recovery.

Learn More About Our New Approach to Overcoming Addiction

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, please call us today. We can talk with you about how we can empower you or your loved one to overcome addiction in a way that is truly a lasting recovery and real happiness in life. We can help.

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