About Addiction

Addiction is a dependency that can be physical, mental, or a combination of physical and mental on drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances. An addiction to a substance will actually change body chemistry.  Cravings and withdrawal symptoms will make the individual think they need the substance in order to exist.  The drug is a crutch during times of stress or to get through daily activities and social situations.

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How to Start Recovery from Drug Addiction

When a person acknowledges that they have a problem, recovery begins there.  The next step is to seek treatment.  Coming out of denial could happen on a personal level or through awareness by friends and family, loss of employment, an intervention, or some other event that causes the person to fact facts.

When your loved one is ready to begin recovery from addiction, the staff of our A Forever RecoverySM treatment program is here to help design a program tailored to the individual, maximizing the potential for life-long freedom from addiction. Taking that first step toward recovery is often the most difficult decision one must make.

At A Forever Recovery, an open-ended drug and alcohol program can get you off to a great start and for the first time, have a solid foundation in recovery you can believe in. Reap the benefits of this unique and successful approach to addiction and recovery.

A Forever Recovery