Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a progressive and fatal disease until such time that the addicted individual can receive treatment to achieve and maintain recovery. There is no singular path to addiction for every addict. Each person struggling with addiction has a unique story that led him or her to the point at which addiction treatment became necessary. Accordingly, the path to recovery should be just as unique and personal, as addiction treatment aims to address and reconcile the things that led to addiction in the first place.

At A Forever Recovery, addicts find a unique approach to recovery that is individually tailored to the needs, preferences, and spiritual beliefs of every person.

What Makes Us Different?

A Forever Recovery has been developed with a truly unique and holistic approach to treatment that can provide addicts with a variety of options to pave their own path to recovery.

Multiple Modalities of Treatment

Whereas most addiction treatment programs offer one form of treatment, A Forever Recovery provides our clients with several options of how they would prefer to reach their recovery goals. In addition to the 12-step approach, we also offer:

  • Faith-based Treatment
    Ideal for those who wish to strengthen their core religious beliefs, and build a foundation for recovery from it.
  • Indigenous Path
    A combination of the 12-step approach and Native American teachings, in which clients develop a spiritual foundation that facilitates emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self-healing.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment
    Ideal for our clients who are not receptive to faith-based approaches, and lean more towards the belief that strength and healing comes from within.
  • Holistic Treatment
    Holistic refers to the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. This modality of treatment includes therapies like yoga, martial arts, and meditation. While not associated with any organized religion, the holistic approach can be seamlessly incorporated with all religious beliefs.

Multiple Religious Tracks

For our clients who prefer to build their recovery through their religious faith, we offer multiple tracks as options. The religious tracks we are pleased to offer include:

  • Christianity
  • Catholicism
  • Muslim Faith
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism

Results-Based Addiction Treatment

At most treatment centers, there is a time limitation on the program which is typically based on a 30-day cycle, which is likely not enough time for addicts to be sure they are on the path that is best for them. In the spirit of fine-tuning addiction treatment to personal needs and preferences, A Forever Recovery has no time limit. A Forever Recovery is an open-ended, results-based program. This means that completion of our treatment program is based on results, and not the arrival of a preset date.

While some addicts may be able to accomplish their recovery goals within 30, 60, or 90 days, others may need several months. We do not believe that placing a time restriction on any form of healing is effective. Instead, we give every client whatever time he or she needs to accomplish the goals necessary for a safe and sober integration back into society. We want our clients to be able to return home with the confidence, empowerment, and strength to maintain recovery and prevent relapse.

Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

In addition to the multiple modalities and religious tracks our clients have to explore, we are a holistic treatment program, which means we are dedicated to helping our clients heal their mind, body, and spirit, as all are interconnected with each other to form the whole person.

Our holistic therapies are not specifically faith-based, and can be integrated with any modality and religion our clients choose to experience.

The Mind

The mind is the control center for human behaviors and emotions, and we strive to help our clients address and reconcile the underlying causes of their addiction through a variety of therapies. Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Meditation Therapy

The Body

Drug use can result in devastating assaults on the body of an addict, and we would be remiss to ignore the needs of our client’s physical health during and after treatment. We understand that physical health is just as important as spiritual and mental health. This is why we offer a variety of physical health regimens in addition to regular, nutritious meals based on individual dietary and supplemental needs:

    • Physical fitness with Olympic trainers
    • Hot tub and sauna therapy
    • Aerobics
    • Yoga
    • Martial arts disciplines
    • Boxing
    • Massage therapy

Regardless of the physical capacity of our clients, we ensure that every individual has access to an appropriate level of physical health therapies that improve body functions, circulation, cell rejuvenation, and weight management.

In addition to physical fitness, we understand the importance of vitamins, essential minerals, and amino acids, as these are the building blocks of the human body. We develop a personalized vitamin therapy regimen for each of our clients that is based on his or her individual needs. We only use safe and natural vitamins, all of which our clients are provided resources to continue taking once treatment has been completed.

The Spirit

The spirit of our clients is essential to how they feel, and ultimately their ability to remain in recovery. When the spirit of an individual suffers, he or she can have extreme difficulty in remaining positive and confident. All of the therapies, modalities, and religious tracks we offer at A Forever Recovery are intended to build and strengthen the spirit of our clients. The freedom to choose how they would like to develop their recovery and constant support and encouragement to do so has proven to be a strong foundation for spiritual development. Whether our clients choose to participate in a religious treatment path or not, spiritual freedom can be achieved with awareness and empowerment, both of which we emphasize for every individual.

A Forever Recovery

At A Forever Recovery, we understand that each person has unique needs and preferences, and that is why we offer so many choices for each of our clients. We are dedicated to providing every opportunity, and all the time our clients need to truly heal their mind, body, and spirit so they can live a life free of addiction, and full of health and wholeness.  Addiction can be overcome when addicts can walk the path that is right for them to achieve recovery. At A Forever Recovery, we provide the options, support, empowerment, and healing to achieve that path. Call now, and get the help you, or your addicted loved one deserve.