One thing that is very concerning is the fact that substance abuse is now such a huge issue for young people. This is to say that young adults are now the demographic that experiences substance abuse the most by far. What this tells us and shows us is that young adult substance abuse is incredibly risky because not only do young adults tend to abuse substances more often than older adults do, but they also tend to fall on hard times with death or some other injury or struggle of some kind medically or psychologically with substance abuse more often than older adults do. For the exact information on it, studies show that of the 23 million people addicted to drugs and alcohol this country, more than half of them are under the age of 33.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It has become pretty clear that the biggest problems that we face with drug and alcohol addiction are entirely always directly connected to a consistent growth factor. When we look more intricately into this, we can see that in a big way that young people are at the corner of this problem, as are substances that are totally legal and in fact recommended in society. With so many people abusing drugs and alcohol and with so many illegal substances being available for abuse like prescription drugs and alcohol, it can often seem like this is a very difficult issue to address successfully.

With this being the case, it becomes very important to be able to innovate and come up with effective and stable methods for recovery. The best way to do this is by offering full inpatient addiction treatment services that include both detoxification and rehabilitation alike. These programs by and large offer the most comprehensive approaches and the greatest variety of their services.

When people are approaching an addiction struggle trying to figure out how they are going to effectively tackle this problem, they need to be able to go to an inpatient rehabilitation center that offers multiple different programs and approaches to ensure that they will be able to receive services that are amicable to that.


One of the great things that A Forever Recovery and that other treatment centers sometimes as well take part in is events, or more specifically, they take part in community events, seminars, and festivals. This is a very good opportunity for people in recovery to help out within the community and to make part of their addiction recovery about helping others instead of just themselves being helped. Overall this is very pleasant and has a good effect on them, to say the least.

There is a very sound logic behind this that is very consistent and sensible, to say the least. What it is is that people who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction will statistically speaking have been a detriment to society for quite some time. This is, unfortunately, the truth of the matter.

As is the lifestyle and the tendency of somebody who abuses drugs and alcohol, most people who struggle with addiction will know and understand that substance abuse truly is a degenerative habit and something that always goes hand-in-hand with other types of negative personality traits. The simple, bare-bones truth of the matter is that people who partake in substance abuse generally speaking tend to create more harm to society than they create good. This is where the importance of including community events in recovery programs comes into play.

When people are trying to get off of drugs and alcohol, something that really helps them a lot is the factor of getting them involved with community events. There is something incredibly powerful about getting somebody in recovery to help others. This by itself contributes to a huge order of magnitude to a person’s overall stability in their recovery. This is why a lot of people who are in recovery who may have beaten addiction serval years ago can still be found in soup kitchens or at food drives or fundraising events or a highway cleanup programs or what have you.

The sensation of volunteering and of helping others at an event is incredibly powerful and incredibly uplifting. Recovery is all about activities that are uplifting and things that are uplifting and not self-denigrating. The whole focus here is to attempt to offer sensible recovery institutions and methodologies that will get a person to see how they can stay off of addictive substances for life.

One of the best ways by far to do this is to get that person helping others. This approach with events is incredibly pleasant and incredibly worthwhile, and it is a big focus on the A Forever Recovery program. For more information on how A Forever Recovery hosts and participates in community events, reach out to us today at 877-467-8363.