Nature Walks

There is no doubt whatsoever that getting off of drugs and alcohol is a true challenge for those who experience addiction. This is one of those things that takes a lot of work and that nobody really thinks will ever happen to them or to somebody who they love until it does. This is one of those problems that sort of flows underneath the radar and doesn’t really get enough attention or direction that it should.


As a general rule, Americans sort of have a bit of an inability to confront the factors of addiction. This is to say that Americans often think of this as being one of those subjects that they don’t really talk about or go into all that much. Fortunately, this has only served to our discredit. Our unwillingness to discuss addiction or really go into it all that much in a lot of ways is our own downfall because the problem with substance abuse has been able to grow considerably as a result of our lack of ability to openly discuss and tackle this problem.

Now, our nation is currently faced with the greatest addiction crisis and epidemic that we have ever experienced before, and there is truly a lot of concern and worry about this problem as a result. When we begin to view substance abuse as something that needs to be more effectively addressed, we start to see this problem as being something that we definitely do need to handle. The simple fact of the matter is that addiction is getting out of hand, as shown by rising statistics on this factor. Consider the following:

  • According to studies done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, addiction has risen considerably in the last 20 years. Prior to the turn of the century, there were barely more than 10 million people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol nationwide. Now, however, there are more than 23 million people who are hooked on some kind of substance. This shows that the problem has definitely grown considerably in a very short amount of time realistically.
  • Furthermore, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health also tells us that people are dying because of substance abuse at rapidly growing rates. This is to say that the death toll from addiction is pretty catastrophic, with more than 80,000 people dying from substance abuse each and every year. This problem has never been as severe as it is now of course.


Only the greatest of fools would believe that there was no therapeutic value to nature walks on nature trails. In this day and age, there are so many different people addicted to drugs and alcohol that there need to be some very well-versed and well-varied approaches to addiction treatment.

This is to say that this is not the 1950s anymore where every single treatment program in the country operating off of a 12-step program was sufficient. Because so many different people are addicted because so many different people would need different kinds of approaches to addiction treatment, it, of course, makes sense that rehab centers now need to be able to offer a significant amount of variety in their programs.

This is where A Forever Recovery comes in the play. Since it’s opening over 10 years ago, A Forever Recovery has been committed to offering great variety in their treatment centers. This facility delivers a program that includes multiple different aspects and facets to it, and this facility is incredibly well versed in the different kinds of recovery programs they offer to their clients.

Addiction Treatment at A Forever Recovery

Rather than trying to push one program over another or rather than trying to convince people that one program is more successful than another, A Forever Recovery instead has their main mission and their main goal being to ensure that everybody who goes for treatment is able to get the best possible solution that is well put together for them specifically. Overall this is the best approach by far.

A Forever Recovery believes strongly in a drug-free approach to treating individuals, so they include nature and the different aspects of nature with the recovery program. One service they offer is nature walks. A Forever Recovery is located out in the country on a private lake, so this treatment is naturally very well set up for nature walks.

When it comes to getting off of drugs and alcohol, being able to go for a walk through nature has an incredibly helpful effect, especially after a hard day at work on one’s recovery. A Forever Recovery offers nature walks as well as more than a dozen other types of approaches to addiction treatment. For more information, reach out to A Forever Recovery today.