As drug and alcohol addiction gets more risky and more difficult for those who are involved with it, the need for effective addiction treatment and rehabilitation becomes more significant. As it stands right now, substance abuse and addiction issues are certainly very difficult, to say the least, and never before has our need to create effective and lasting recovery solutions been as significant or as dire as it is now.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Multiple organizations have agreed that substance abuse is at its worst ever currently, and that presents a lot of risk of hardship for people. As drug and alcohol addiction gets more and more dangerous, it creates a stronger and stronger need to create effective and capable recovery solutions to easily address these issues.

Even with this being the case though, there is still a relatively huge gap in effective treatment in this country. This is the nature of the beast with addiction. On the one hand, those who suffer from addiction absolutely do need to go to rehab to get help for their habits, but at the same time, they absolutely do not want to go to rehab because they do not want to get that help. No matter how you look at it, people just seem to not want to branch out and get the types of recovery solutions and services that they need, no matter how hard they try. More often than not as well, they do not even try to do this.

Studies show that only about 15% of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol at any one given time actually want to get help for their substance abuse habits. This is to say that, when a person becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, part of the addiction manifestation is that they do not want to get help for this issue and they just want to simply go about their business constantly abusing drugs and alcohol until it eventually kills them.

Again, this is the nature of addiction. So what we have here instead is a condition where people absolutely do need to go to rehab, but they very much so do not want to go to rehab because of the nature of addiction. This puts them in a situation where they need to create both effective intervention and rehabilitation services.


When it comes to actually going through rehab, being able to go on outings is a great way to experience a good recovery program. People who are in rehab can sometimes get a sort of cabin fever. It is part of the reason why people are sometimes hesitant to go to rehab. They are afraid that they will simply be cooped up in a room for an extensive period of time and that they won’t ever really be able to get out and about.

Studies show that the addiction treatment centers that offer the best variety are able to help people the most. Though getting off of drugs and alcohol is certainly a challenge like no other, going to an addiction treatment center that offers a wide range of recovery services really makes all the difference in helping people to effectively and stably kick an addiction habit for life. As one can imagine, this is very effective because it gives recovering individuals choices in the types of recovery options that they take part in. Overall these methods are some of the best ones out there because they really do give people peace of mind and excellent recovery services, to say the least.

This is why A Forever Recovery makes it a point to offer outings to town for activities within their recovery services. This is to say that A Forever Recovery basically takes addiction treatment and puts a totally unique spin on it. What A Forever Recovery has done it is they have worked out how to utilize an incredibly effective addiction recovery approach that also includes being able to go out on a trip for a day here and there with the staff. Each outing is somehow related back to recovery or has to do with inspiring recovery in someway, which is of course very helpful for those who are addicted.

When people engage in effective and helpful recovery solutions, they enjoy treatment a lot more if they’re able to go on outings from time to time. Even if it is only once every other week, being able to take a trip to somewhere outside of the rehab campus is very helpful to the clients because it allows them to get a breath of fresh air and experience something different from the local community that they are going to rehab in.

A Forever Recovery includes multiple different types of outings to local areas within its treatment program. It is very helpful to people. For more information about the services and types of treatment offered by A Forever Recovery, reach out to us today at 877-467-8363. Recovery is a phone call away.