Phoenix Alcohol Rehab

The decision to seek treatment at Phoenix Alcohol Rehab is one of the most positive steps an alcoholic can make. Alcohol dependence is a vicious cycle that affects both the individual and their loved ones. By changing their habits to break this cycle, our clients conquer their addictions and improve their lives in the process. Alcohol addiction can have many causes including psychological, emotional, and physical. An alcohol rehabilitation program helps the client determine the roots of their addiction and overcome their dependence. At A Forever Recovery, our medical staff helps clients through the detox stages, as well as professional counseling and long-term aftercare.

Today, we understand more about how alcohol works in the brain and body to create such a high dependence, and we use this information when developing treatment programs that deal specifically with alcoholism.  We know that this is more than a physical dependence.  Alcoholism consists of a combination of different factors that must be treated concurrently to provide the most effective and lasting results.  Additionally, we realize that no one deliberately decides to be an alcoholic.  It was a gradual process, and recovery from it will also be a continuous process.

The Healing Process At Phoenix Alcohol Rehab

At Phoenix alcohol rehab treatment facility, you receive constant care and supervision which allows you to focus on your healing and recovery without outside distractions. By concentrating solely on recovery, the chances of a relapse are reduced as you learn the steps for long-term success. You are given time to heal both emotionally and physically from your addiction and dependence on alcohol.

The stages of alcohol detox can be physically draining and severe as your body adjusts to the withdrawal process. By having a medical staff on hand for support, our clients can undergo detox in a safe and secure environment where their symptoms are monitored as they learn to overcome the aspects of physical addiction.  Some of the uncomfortable or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox can include the following.

Mild symptoms:

  • shaking hands
  • sweating
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • nausea and vomiting
  • anxiety

Severe symptoms:

  • high blood pressure
  • severe tremors
  • profuse sweating
  • hallucinations, DTs
  • irregular heartbeat
  • disorientation, confusion
  • severe anxiety
  • low-grade fever
  • seizures

The above symptoms vary in intensity depending on the severity and duration of the addiction.  In some cases, the severe symptoms can lead to death.  For this reason, it is recommended that an alcoholic seek professional help before they attempt to detox.

Alcohol RehabAfterwards, detox rehabilitation continues with professional counseling and therapy. To fully overcome alcohol addiction, the internal issues causing the alcohol dependence must be addressed and dealt with.  In many cases of alcohol abuse or addiction, the individual has had a lifetime of low self-esteem, depression, family history of alcoholism, dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, financial problems, and many other factors that contributed to their alcohol consumption.

Other heavy drinkers got this way after drinking socially for some months or years, only to find that they have gradually become addicted.  Some alcoholics don’t realize they have a problem.  They think that if they continue to work, then nothing is wrong with their drinking habits.  Or, they justify the drinking by blaming it on someone else or life in general. This type of denial is what eventually leads to severe alcoholism, in many cases.  To put the results of denial into perspective, consider the following:

  • an estimated 14 million adults in the U.S. abuse alcohol
  • 53% of people have one or more relatives that have a drinking problem
  • alcoholism costs society over $223 billion, yearly
  • in 92% of domestic violence cases, alcohol is involved
  • each year, over 2,000 underage kids die in drinking-and-driving accidents
  • over 2.5 million deaths worldwide are attributed to alcohol
  • each year in the U.S., over 11,000 drunk-driving fatalities occur

If alcoholics could overcome denial and seek professional help, millions of lives would be saved, and society would be a much safer place to live.

Staying Sober After Rehab

The goal of our program in Phoenix is to give clients the tools necessary to remain sober after leaving our facility.  Our clients explore the causes of their addiction to understand the triggers behind their alcohol abuse better; knowing the triggers and how to avoid them can help to prevent relapsing in the future. During treatment, clients also learn how to cope and make better decisions as they continue on their life-long path towards recovery.

If you are finally convinced that you need professional help for alcohol problems, don’t wait another day, pick up the phone and contact us to find out how our program can help you overcome this powerful foe and restore your life back to something you recognize and enjoy. We know exactly what it takes to eliminate alcohol from your body and your lifestyle. Our program has proven time after time to give clients the results they deserve and expect.  You owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to make this important first step and get on the road to recovery today.

One of our representatives at Phoenix Alcohol Rehab is available to answer any questions and can recommend a treatment program based on your unique situation, so call now.