Portland Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Individuals who are seeking alcohol and drug rehab services in Portland are strongly encouraged to consider the options they have available to them. Not all facilities are the same in their mission, treatment approaches, and goals. In an effort to provide the best possible outcome for our clients we offer inpatient services. This intense approach is developed to provide the individual with the necessary skills and support to control and mange their addiction. The alcohol and drug rehab approach is based on strengthening the natural abilities of the client while they learn to control those impulses that have lead to the issues being treated.

Problem Behavior

The focus of our program is placed on modification and alteration of the problem behavior. Our professionals understand that addiction is not a character flaw; it is not a sign that someone has low moral fiber, nor does it mean a person possesses a weak will. Addiction is a disease from which a person suffers, just like someone with diabetes. And just like a diabetic who can learn to control their symptoms and mange their condition, the same is true for individuals who are seeking alcohol and drug rehab in Portland.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab in Portland

Our providers focus on the specific needs of the individual being treated. It is the goal to aid the client and family in gaining a better understanding of the disease, and how to address the complex nature of the condition. Each person should evaluate what they personally want in their alcohol and drug rehab program in order to gain the best lasting results.

To learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab programs, please contact one of our highly skilled professionals today.

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