Behavior Remedies

One could be certain that substance abuse is a gradually growing and increasing problem of the very worst kind, and that to a large degree America is overall lacking in awareness on this issue and that plays a very big part in why this problem has been able to get so difficult so quickly.

As a result, one of the key and major focus that we need to take part in as soon as possible to really handle this problem is simply to raise awareness of the problem. To help in this effort, some facts and statistics have been included below:

  • According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, also probably better known as DAWN, substance abuse is becoming a lot more common and prevalent in such a way that it causes people to have to enter into hospitals. How this pans out, unfortunately, is that people are constantly having to go to the emergency room because of a substance abuse problem. This never used to be the case. It shows us that the simple habit of abusing substances is becoming a lot more dangerous for people.
  • The simple truth of the matter is that addiction issues and struggles are definitely getting more concerning. The key factor here is that the types of substance abuse that are occurring in the country now are more likely to cause a trip to the hospital then the types of substance abuse that was occurring in the 1990s and before that.
  • According to DAWN, something on the order of magnitude of about 40 to 45% of all visits to emergency rooms in the country every year have something to do with substance abuse. This is well over 1 million visits. If we are not more careful and cautious and if we do not take more time to address this issue, then it will certainly only get much worse.


Behavior remedies are one of the important aspects of a good addiction treatment center. What a lot of people misunderstand about going to rehab is that they think it will be all about the chemical aspects of substance abuse. However, there really is a lot more to addiction than just that. Realistically, getting off of drugs and alcohol takes a lot more work than just addressing the physical and chemical aspects of addiction.

Realistically, there is much more that goes into this and there are a lot more factors that need to be properly taken into account here. When people contemplate trying to get off of drugs and alcohol, they start to see that addiction recovery has a lot more to do with addressing the physical and chemical aspects of substance abuse as opposed to the mental and psychological aspects of substance abuse. The real truth of the matter here is that addiction is about 70% mental and it’s only about 30% physical.

The thing about addiction is that the chemical dependence is certainly most commonly referred to as the thing that will keep a person abusing substances long after they should stop. However, the mental aspect of addiction is what will cause a person to come back to substance abuse after a period of sobriety if they do not effectively handle it. So we can see that, while both do need to be handled, it is the mental, behavioral, spiritual, personal, and psychological aspects of addiction that are a lot more significant and that will take a lot more work and a lot more time to really handle it well.

Behavior Remedies at A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery absolutely excels in addressing the behavioral aspects of addiction through behavior remedies. Getting free and clear from addiction does take a lot of work, yes, but A Forever Recovery is able to really help people to find their pathway to freedom and abstinence from addiction in a way that is safe and effective and overall very helpful. Though it is true that getting off of drugs and alcohol takes a lot of work in general, A Forever Recovery offers a multitude of different services to address the behavior.

These are things like cognitive behavioral therapy, moral recognition therapy, booster sessions, motivational interviewing, critical thinking address, life skills, integrity address, family counseling, electives, spiritual and religious approaches, Native American techniques, and other methodology that basically all go in the direction of addressing the behavioral and the spiritual aspects of substance abuse.

For a person to be truly successful in life after rehab, they will need to address the behavioral aspects of substance abuse in addition to the actual chemical addiction itself. Thankfully, A Forever Recovery is very capable of doing this through their behavior remedies to address bad behavior. For more information, reach out to A Forever Recovery today.