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Could Google Be Influencing Your Addiction Treatment Decisions

When it comes to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in the 21st century, one of our biggest concerns and one of our biggest focuses by far is how we go about doing this and with how we go about addressing all of the many different problem factors and crisis issues …

peer pressure at work

How to Stay Strong in Sobriety Amid Peer Pressure at Work

For people who have suffered and struggled with addiction in the past, staying clean and sober and not relapsing is often the greatest challenge of all. When this is the case, such individuals who have worked hard to get clean and sober need to put in the extra work and …

addiction and depression

How to Approach Recovery After Addiction and Depression    

There is no question at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a more and more concerning issue in this country, one of which borders on being a very problematic and distressing issue.  Sadly, addiction and depression or other mental health problems often go hand in hand, and …

sexual addicttion

Dissociative Drugs: What are They and Why are They Dangerous?

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a steadily expanding problem in this country, and one of the main issues regarding it is the sheer prevalence of so many different types of addictive substances that are used and abused. Now, truly there are hundreds of addictive substances being used and …


The Dangers of Abusing Acetaminophen

What is Acetaminophen? Acetaminophen is a non-opioid pain reliever and is the main active ingredient in hundreds of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription painkillers. For medications that treat allergies, cough, colds, and flu, acetaminophen is combined with other active ingredients to help the individual ease suffering from mild illnesses. In prescription drugs, …

teens and drug abuse

Talking to Teens About Drugs: Why it Should be an Ongoing Conversation

Drug and alcohol abuse has been a growing problem in this country, one of which is only getting worse to the point that it is now a nationwide epidemic.  Truth be told, drug and alcohol addiction and all of the various factors that go into addiction are such that even …

Addiction Assessments

What Can be Learned From Addiction Assessments

When people think of addiction assessments or addiction assessment questions, they very rarely correlate that to drug and alcohol addiction. More often than not, it is not even widely known that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol do need to get an assessment before they enter into treatment. …


How Codependency is Preventing Your Addicted Child from Recovering

Substance abuse is a growing problem in this country, one of which has to be addressed as soon as is possible. The problem with drug and alcohol addiction has grown more quickly than other problems have, all leading to other, additional challenges and difficulties that abound from substance abuse. Substance …

Anxiety Medication and Addiction

Is There a Link Between Anxiety Medication and Addiction

There are a lot of different problems that this country faces on a regular basis, some of which are more concerning than others, and some of which last longer than others. Case in point, drug and alcohol abuse are problems that have grown significantly in recent years to the point …

Stereotyping Addicts on Social Media

The Dangers of Stereotyping Addicts on Social Media

There is no mystery or surprise at this point that drug and alcohol addiction and all of the factors and aspects abounding addiction are on their way up in this country. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have been a steadily growing and concerning problem of the very worst kind, …

marijuana and academic

Marijuana and Academic: Why Students Will Never Succeed With Drug Use

Different types of problems and issues come and go in this country, some of which are much more dangerous and impacting than others. One problem that has been consistently getting worse and worse as the years go by has been that of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and all …

Emotional Effects of Drug Addiction

What are the Emotional Effects of Drug Addiction?

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are severe and in fact, a brutal problem for a lot of individuals. Addiction is a real factor in this country, and one of which causes intense and harsh crisis problems in the lives of over one hundred million Americans. The emotional effects of …


The Dangers of Steroid Addiction

When people think of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, they usually think of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. They rarely think of something such as steroids, but the truth is that steroids are very addictive too. In fact, steroid addiction is a major concern in our country today. …

methadone addiction

Methadone Addiction is Very Common in the US Today

There is no mystery in the fact that drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a severe and concerning problem in the country. Since the turn of the century, drug and alcohol addiction has grown in concern and gotten more and more concerning with each passing year. Today, methadone addiction is …

Bath Salts

The Dangers of Synthetic Cathinones

There is no doubt at this point that drug and alcohol addiction and that substance abuse, in general, is a steadily growing and increasing problem. One way or another, drug and alcohol addiction is a harsh crisis to deal with and is currently being called the single greatest health issue …