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heroin gateway drugs

Heroin Gateway Drugs: Warning Signs of Prescription Medication

The history of heroin addiction and prescription drug abuse with opiates like the Vicodin drug is a history that has always been intertwined. The heroin epidemic would not be what it is today had it not been for prescription medication, and the opiate pain reliever addiction epidemic would not be …

substance abuse treatment

Clinical Approaches to Substance Abuse: What They Are and How They’re Used

What is addiction? Addiction is classified as a disease that affects both the brain and behaviors of an individual. It causes the compulsive seeking and use of drugs even at the known peril of the user. The path to addiction starts with a person voluntarily choosing to use alcohol or …

multidimensional family therapy

Multidimensional Family Therapy: Why Communication is Integral in Addiction Treatment

It could be said that communication is the key to a successful life. It is a universal solvent which allows people to exchange ideas and thoughts. In a family, it allows everyone to understand each other, gain love, and trust and become an unstoppable team. At work and in school, …

drug culture

Key Characteristics of Drug Culture: A Study of the Evolution of Addiction Treatment

Drug culture refers to the rules, rites, and rituals associated with a particular drug. It also includes mannerisms, terminology, user etiquette, and group preferences, including style, age, and sexual orientation. Drug culture in America has become mainstream and even looked up to. We have magazines like High Times and Cannabis Culture …


Hard vs. Soft Drugs: What’s the Difference

When individuals use the terms “Soft drugs” or “Hard drugs,” they are referring to an arbitrary categorization that has no clear definitions or criteria and also has no scientific basis. The hardness or softness of drugs is purely based upon public perception. An example being that hard drugs should be …


Can Non-Addicts Truly Understand What Addiction Is?

Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive condition, one that has far-reaching implications for addicts and their loved ones alike, and it’s not easy for non-addicts to fully grasp the destructive and all-consuming cycle of addiction. Oftentimes, non-addicts assume that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are simply weak …

addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment: How Incorrect Information is Harming Addicts

Depending on your viewpoint, you may choose to see addiction as a moral flaw, a behavioral problem, a genetic trait, or, perhaps the most popular opinion, as a chronic, relapsing disease, similar to diabetes or cancer. The idea of addiction as a disease has gained some notoriety over the years, …

rehab options

When 12-Step Programs Fail: Know Your Other Rehab Options

Perhaps the most well-known type of addiction recovery is the 12-Step program, which came about at a time when addiction was stigmatized so ardently and for so long that for decades there was no scientific research to guide addicts seeking treatment. Unfortunately, with AA’s 12-Step approach to addiction recovery comes …

drug overdose

The Aftermath of Drug Overdoses: How to Cope with the Emotional Effects

Drug overdose is the fastest-growing cause of death in the United States, with approximately 125 Americans suffering a fatal overdose every day, but even non-fatal drug overdoses can wreak havoc on the person who overdoses and his loved ones, possibly resulting in debilitating emotional consequences that can be difficult to …

distractions in rehab

Avoiding Distractions in Rehab: The Importance of Staying Focused in Recovery

There is no doubt or lack of certainty at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is a gradually growing and increasing and problematic issue in this country today. It has been found out that substance abuse just seems to be getting gradually worse and worse with each passing year, …

addiction in college

Addicted in College: Should You Take a Semester Off and Go to Rehab

One of the most concerning factors of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the 21st-century is the effect that substance abuse has on college students. This is a rapidly growing and increasing problem that has a lot of people very worried. Unfortunately, substance abuse amongst college students is indeed …

addiction treatment decisions

Could Google Be Influencing Your Addiction Treatment Decisions

When it comes to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in the 21st century, one of our biggest concerns and one of our biggest focuses by far is how we go about doing this and with how we go about addressing all of the many different problem factors and crisis issues …

peer pressure at work

How to Stay Strong in Sobriety Amid Peer Pressure at Work

For people who have suffered and struggled with addiction in the past, staying clean and sober and not relapsing is often the greatest challenge of all. When this is the case, such individuals who have worked hard to get clean and sober need to put in the extra work and …

adolescent drug abuse

Adolescent Drug Abuse: Common Reasons Why They are Turning to Substances

Every year we face new struggles and new challenges on an individual level, within the family, and in the bigger picture of our country too. As it stands right now, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is a cruel and grim affliction, one of which can create …

heroin addiction

Heroin Continues to be Popular Despite Efforts to Curb Epidemic

What we have on our hands right now in this country is a steadily increasing addiction problem of the very worst kind. As it stands, drug and alcohol addiction does get progressively and seriously more and more difficult for all who are faced with it, and this is to a …