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Drug Addiction Turmoil

The Turmoil of Drug Addiction

The average drug addict will maintain only up to one year of substance abuse before their finances, friendships, and family dissolve leaving them with fewer means to obtain their drug of choice and harsher consequences that often lead to homelessness, injury and crime. Drug addiction turmoil is a severe form of physiological …

Negative Recovery Experiences

Why We Need to Talk About Negative Recovery Experiences

As with our military, addicts, and people from all backgrounds, we experience trauma and low self-esteem. Thinking poorly of yourself is far more than typical with every age, gender, or background. By not realizing what makes life happy and fulfilling, people can get addicted to drugs and substances that affect …

Risk for Cocaine Abuse

Can Your Financial Status Put You at Risk for Cocaine Abuse

In the United States, the history of drug trafficking has dated back to the 19th century. Cocaine, along with a variety of other substances, has been illegally imported and distributed among people of all ages.  So, what influences or contributes to a person’s risk for cocaine abuse? The result of …

Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addict

Addicts vs Non-Addicts: Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addict

Explaining addiction to a non-addict is not something simple. It’s hard for non-addicts to understand what addiction is and what it does to the addict. Dependence weakens the body, mind, and lifestyle of those who suffer from the disease, and unless you’ve experienced it personally, it can be hard to …

History of Drug Addiction

What the History of Drug Addiction Tells Us

Drug addiction today is viewed as a disease and can be treated through modern, scientifically researched methods. This disease is characterized by long-lasting changes that occur in the brain. Modern society is generally on the same page about addiction, but it hasn’t always been that way. In the history of drug …

Prevent Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Can Employers Prevent Drug Abuse in the Workplace?

Today, the growing menace of drug abuse in the workplace has raised apprehension in various socioeconomic strata. Thankfully, the awareness that the abuse of drugs may affect employees is rapidly rising in acceptance. Recently, there has been a widespread concern on whether employers can address the issue of drug abuse …

The Emotional Effects of Addiction

Beyond the Physical: The Emotional Effects of Addiction

The widespread uptrend in drug abuse and addiction in recent years in the United States has reached highest-ever levels. It has gotten to the point that President Donald Trump has declared the opioid crisis a “National Health Emergency.” And many states in the union have declared their own states of emergency …

Women and Recreational Drug Use

The Problem of Women and Recreational Drug Use in America

As the years pass us by, drug and alcohol addiction becomes more of a problem for our nation’s women than it ever has been before.  Now, we live in a country that struggles intensively with substance abuse to the degree of it being a regular occurrence in some demographics, and …

Heroin and Prescription Painkillers

An Epidemic of Dual Addiction: Heroin and Prescription Painkillers

The history of addiction to heroin and prescription painkillers like Vicodin is a history that has always been intertwined. The heroin epidemic would not be what it is today had it not been for prescription painkillers, and the opiate painkiller addiction epidemic would not be what it is today had …

Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatment

A Description of Some Different Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatment

What is addiction? Addiction is classified as a disease that affects both the brain and behaviors of an individual. It causes the compulsive seeking and use of drugs even at the known peril of the user. The path to addiction starts with a person voluntarily choosing to use alcohol or …

multidimensional family therapy

Multidimensional Family Therapy: Communication is Integral in Addiction Treatment

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is a family-centered method of treatment in which various areas of life are addressed in the handling of drug or alcohol addiction. This type of program is specific for handling problems in youths. It allows the teen to receive professional treatment without being displaced from their …

drug culture

Key Characteristics of Drug Culture and Addiction Treatment

Drug culture refers to the rules, rites, and rituals associated with a particular drug. It also includes mannerisms, terminology, user etiquette, and group preferences, including style, age, and sexual orientation. Drug culture in America has become mainstream and even looked up to. We have magazines like High Times and Cannabis Culture …

Hard and Soft Drugs

What’s the Difference in Hard and Soft Drugs?

Have you heard the terms “hard and soft drugs?” When individuals use these terms, they are referring to an arbitrary categorization that has no clear definition or criteria and also has no scientific basis. The hardness or softness of drugs is purely based on public perception. An example being that …

Explaining Addiction to Non-Addicts

Can Non-Addicts Truly Understand When Explaining Addiction to Them?

Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive condition, one that has far-reaching implications for addicts and their loved ones alike, and it’s not easy for non-addicts to fully grasp the destructive and all-consuming cycle of addiction. Often, non-addicts assume that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are merely weak …

Incorrect Information About Addiction

How Incorrect Information about Addiction is Harming Addicts’ Treatment

Addiction treatment is important for long-term recovery but when the incorrect information about addiction is given, the results can be more harmful than helpful. Depending on your viewpoint, you may choose to see addiction as a moral flaw, a behavioral problem, a genetic trait, or, perhaps the most popular opinion, …