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Is Drug Abuse as Dangerous as Drug Addiction

For some time now, the question has been asked as to what is worse, drug abuse or drug addiction? Drug abuse refers to simply consuming any drug substance in an abusive or recreational fashion and not as intended. This could be things like doing heroin, doing cocaine, doing meth, taking prescription drugs in a way that is not intended, taking opiate pain relievers in a way that is not intended, taking psychiatric drugs or antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication when it is not intended, and drinking excessively or abusing alcohol in some way. That is drug abuse. Drug addiction is usually thought to be much worse, because it implies a continual abusive of such a substance. But what about marijuana addiction? Is somebody who is addicted to marijuana really worse off than someone who abuses heroin once in a while? Probably not, as it is very difficult to kill yourself with marijuana but very easy to do so with heroin.

The Real Truth of the Issue

All arguments of which drug is worse than the other drug and various petty squabbles over what is and is not an addiction and what is and is not a drug abuse issue, the real fact of the matter is that drug abuse and drug addiction often go hand in hand. Being that almost all drugs, including marijuana, are addictive, if one abuses one too much, he or she will become addicted! It follows from simple logic that drug addiction is worse than drug abuse in 99% of all cases. This is because odds are that person will have started off simply abusing a drug and now has become addicted to it. One does not simply abuse drugs from time to time recreationally and not experience adverse effects to it. Rarely, one is able to abuse drugs a couple times and then walk away from it but that only happens about one out of every 100 to 150 times. There really is no such thing as, “I will only try it once“.

This is why the whole issue of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is just best let alone and not touched by anyone. Don’t bother trying to differentiate or argue between drug abuse or drug addiction. Simply understand that in most cases drug addiction is worse because it implies drug abuse has gone beyond the point of simply being an occasional abuse and into the point of being an actual habit. However, both are equally dangerous as one could easily kill himself or herself or do serious damage from abusing drugs one time or 100 times. Better yet to concerned oneself with rehabilitation and prevention to cure and rehab those who are already addicted to drugs than to prevent others who are not yet addicted from becoming addicted. These two matters, rehabilitation and prevention are the two most important things to consider and to work on when addressing substance abuse problems. With these two aspects in full force, drug addiction and alcohol addiction and drug abuse and alcohol abuse can finally become things of the past.

Substance abuse is something we have brought on ourselves in a big way.  We as a nation have become far more lax on the subject of drugs and alcohol.  This is an area that we must stiffen discipline on and put our feet down on.  We must erect a mindset of zero tolerance and an absolute unwillingness to allow such substances into our lives to control and ruin our lives.  This will be the only way that we can get rid of the problem.

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