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Intentional vs. Accidental Overdose: How Both Can Happen to Addicted Loved Ones

Losing a family member or a loved one has got to be one of the most painful and difficult of things to experience. This is constantly shown to use by the heartbreaking trends and occurrences of hearing about people who lose a loved one, or from seeing a situation where someone lost someone or someone fell on hard times and could not overcome the habit or difficulty. Realistically, losing someone before their time has got to be one of the hardest things about them all to experience when all of the cards are on the table. The loss of a loved one who does not die from natural causes can haunt a person and can make them feel absolutely terrible about themselves and about the future.

This happens to people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, unfortunately, all the time, and the problems and difficulties that such people struggle with as a result could not be more harsh and difficult, to say the least. When people struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, they automatically put themselves in a situation where they really do fall into a harsh and a tough situation. They experience difficulties and problems from it that are pretty unpleasant and very difficult, to say the least.

Obviously, when someone struggles with a drug or an alcohol addiction, the biggest concern and fear regarding that substance abuse habit is that they will die from it whether from an accidental overdose or an intentional overdose. When it comes to an overdose of drugs, these are very common concerns to have, to say the least, and such people need to do their part to banish these issues from their hearts and minds.

Accidental Overdose

People often wonder the difference between an accidental overdose and an intentional overdose. To overdose on drugs or alcohol simply means to take too much of the substance and to suffer pretty immensely from that. An overdose of drugs is such that people cannot really figure out the best course of action or approach where they could have to avoid such an occurrence, though there are many ways of doing this.

There are basically two types of overdoses that occur:

  • An accidental overdose. This is the most common of them all by far. This type of overdose is such that a person is abusing drugs or alcohol, and they take more than their body is able to handle. This is a type of overdose that is pretty saddening because the addict did not even mean to take more than they were supposed to take but that was exactly what happened instead.
  • An intentional overdose. This is an actual attempt at suicide, whether the person actually dies from it or not. This is the person actually making a concerted effort to end their own lives with a last time of using and abusing some kind of substance. The person takes far more than they should, intentionally, and with full cognizance of what that will do to them too.

Rehabilitation as a Solution

Obviously, the best way to address situations like this is with the help of an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center and recovery program. The main approach and the main idea here is to help people go free from even the harshest and most difficult of substance abuse habits and issues and problems. Though addiction is a struggle, rehab centers like A Forever Recovery can help. Call A Forever Recovery today to get more information, 877-467-8363. Sobriety is a phone call away.

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