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Is Aftercare the Key to Ending the Addiction Crisis

Drug and alcohol addiction has set itself up for being without a doubt one of the single greatest problems that this nation has ever experienced.  Substance abuse in its own way is very harsh and difficult, and in a lot of ways, it is very hard to get rid of with any kind of stability or permanence.

The biggest concern that comes up with drug and alcohol addiction is that, even if a person does go to rehab, will they stay sober?  Even if a person does get the treatment that they need to triumph over addiction, will they achieve lasting and permanent sobriety?  This is the major question that gets asked, and not without good reason too.

The fact of the matter is, the threat of relapse is the single most concerning aspect of the addiction and rehabilitation community.  The simple truth is that so many people relapse in this country even after getting help from a treatment center and that has created a very worrisome and concerning issue in this nation, one of which will only get worse if nothing is done to address it.

The actual statistics on relapse are grim, to say the least.  For example:

  • According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, drug and alcohol rehab statistics show to us that the overall percentage of people who will relapse after a period of recovery ranges anywhere from no less than 50% to 90% depending on which rehab program they go to and what steps they take after rehab is completed!  This is truly shocking and sad, but it is the truth of the matter.
  • The chances of relapsing are much higher when an addict goes to a government or state funded rehab as opposed to a private center, but the chance of relapse exist for all individuals in recovery.
  • To take one kind of addict, for example, heroin addicts can relapse between eight and ten times before being able to actually maintain their sobriety and abstinence from their drug of choice.  Heroin, in fact, is one of the most relapse-prone addictions out there, and it is something that can only create a bigger problem in the future if it is not addressed exactly correctly.

How Aftercare Can Help

Studies also show that aftercare is the single greatest tool for preventing a relapse from occurring.  There was a great article written about the subject of relapse, aftercare, and a how to achieve lifetime sobriety and abstinence.  Here are the bullet points from the article in the magazine, “Addiction” that maps it out perfectly:

  • People need to engage in aftercare because their chances of obtaining a lifetime of sobriety are much greater if they do.  Aftercare is literally the continuing recovery process that provides stability and peace of mind for an individual, giving them a constant medium to continue working on their recovery.
  • Aftercare increases the likelihood of a recovered addict having a relapse-free lifetime by about two-hundred percent.
  • When one does not engage in aftercare immediately upon completing a treatment center, the odds of that person relapsing within three months of completing the program are roughly around fifty/fifty.

At A Forever Recovery, we offer very helpful and in fact excellent aftercare services.  We understand that sobriety is not sobriety until a recovering addict has proven that they will be sober for life.  This approach is helpful, to say the least, and we are happy to offer our very own aftercare program that we tailor-make for all our clients.  Call us today at 269-704-7240 for more information.

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