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Majority of U.S. Employers Directly Impacted by Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction is now a very big and a very serious problem in the United States today, and it is an issue and a problem that has only been getting worse and worse as the years have been going by too.  If nothing is done soon to really correct and address these issues then they will get much, much worse long before they get any better.

Substance abuse is a serious issue and a major problem of the very worst kind, and with how prevalent it is in the United States today, it is an issue that will probably get worse long before it gets any better.  Substance abuse is a serious crisis and a huge problem, but with the proper approaches, it is something that can be addressed successfully.

Addiction in the Workplace

One of the areas that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later is the simple fact that more and more workplaces in the United States today, from small, locally owned and operated businesses of only a few employees, all the way up to huge corporations with thousands of employees are struggling and suffering from addiction problems amongst the employees at the company.  This is obviously a major issue that needs to be addressed and taken down a notch sooner rather than later too.

For some more insight on this, a 2007 study that was done by the Government Accounting Office, (GAO) found out that it is easy to beat the mandatory urine drug test that most businesses employ on their employees.  Congressman Jim Oberstar, who is the chairman of the House of Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, who asked GAO to investigate, said that the report on this was, “Frankly astonishing, shocking and dismaying. You can manipulate the tests, you can mask substance abuse and go undetected on the roadways.”  This means of course that better tests need to be made and more care needs to be taken in the American workplace.

For some more info on it, there was a no less than a full 300% jump in employees testing positive for prescription narcotics from the years 2005-2009.  They tested positive whether they were prescribed the drugs or not.  A November 18, 2010, report by the organization of Quest Diagnostics also found that post-accident drug tests are no less than a full four-times more likely to find narcotics than pre-employment drug tests are, (the percentages are about 3.7% vs. 0.78% realistically). Vicodin is the most frequently found narcotic prescription drug of abuse by far too, but there are many other common ones as well.

Opiate prescription pain relievers are now this nation’s most concerning substance for abuse by far, which is concerning and quite ridiculous as this substance is supposed to help people get off of drugs and alcohol, not make them even more addicted than they were before.  However, the truth of the matter these days is that ninety percent of all prescription drug overdose deaths occur with an opiate pain reliever of some kind, which is the most common drug amongst employed Americans too.  Much of this is because the common ingredient for opiate pain relievers is morphine, the same active ingredient, (or one of many really), that is in the drug heroin as well.

At the end of the day, it becomes very clear that prescription drug abuse and general drug and alcohol addiction in the workplace needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  With the help of addiction rehabilitation programs, this can actually be done and done quickly too.

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