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Marriage and Addiction: How Your Marriage is Doomed

Marriage and Addiction - How Your Marriage is Doomed

Marriage and addiction is an awful problem to have; living with a drug addict is something that is almost unbearable to have to go through with any family member. There are thousands of families that struggle to make ends meet as well as keep their families together in America because of drug or alcohol addiction. When a marriage is affected by addiction each person will have to choose to either work towards a life free from the addiction or call it quits. This is a challenging choice for anyone, but  a marriage becomes rocky within months after one person in the relationship begins to battle with addiction.

Determining if Your Spouse is Addicted to Drugs

Whether or not you want to admit that an addiction is present in your marriage, it is something that you need to concern yourself with and understand if you want to have a successful marriage and move on from the addiction. There are signs to look for if you are concerned that your spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol. The most commonly experienced of these signs include:

  • Becoming secretive about their bank accounts and money they are spending
  • Changes in their mood that has no explanation
  • Unexplained depression, anxiety or suicidal tendencies
  • Unusual sleeping habits such as sleeping abnormally long or hardly sleeping at all
  • Lying about where they are going, who they are with or why they are sick
  • Differences in how they look. Rapid weight loss, rapid weight gain, sores appearing on their skin with no understanding why they are there, tooth loss, etc.
  • Losing a job, quitting school, or lack of motivation about life goals

Everyone reacts to addiction differently, and each person suffers their own unique set of consequences, but the above list is an example of the most common signs to look for.

There are dozens of different signs to look for if you are concerned that your spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Being concerned about this is not something to be ashamed of. You should commend yourself for caring enough to worry about your loved one, and the marriage and addiction.

Marriage and Addiction: Ways to Overcome it Together

After months of addiction treatment a long-term drug or alcohol addict may come home into what is now more or less your world. This will cause conflicts in the home, but there are ways to making this transition smooth. Divorce should always be your last option. There are several successful approaches to helping you and your loved one overcome their addiction and the stresses that it brings into a family’s life.

Marriage Counseling

This is an opportunity to communicate one on one and talk about what can help improve your marriage. Also, marriage counseling will help you better understand the addiction and how it is affecting your spouse mentally, physically and emotionally

Giving Each Other the Moral Support Needed

This works both ways. Each person inside of the marriage must learn to talk to one another and help each other no matter the situation. Whether you or your spouse needs support for handling the situation, you should always give the support needed for a successful, lasting marriage.

Group Therapy

There are group therapy sessions now that let couples come together to talk about the addiction that is disrupting their life and every couple will learn ways to overcome the addiction together. This is especially beneficial in the first stages of addiction recovery because a recovering addict needs people that care about the present when they are going through something like therapy. You both will gain insight about sobriety and what other couples are doing to keep their marriages together in this difficult time.

Choosing to work with your spouse during their addiction recovery is a choice that proves you are committed and dedicated to making your marriage work. Stick with the programs and soon enough you will see your marriage benefit drastically.

Treatment Early On

Helping your spouse go through addiction treatment is a loving choice that you should consider if in fact he or she is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Choosing a program is fairly simple and if you contact our addiction treatment counselors, they will give you guidance for the programs that will work for your loved one so that he or she will recover from their addiction sooner. They will also help you step by step through the struggles of marriage and addiction so that you better understand everything you are going through for added success.

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