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Sobriety: A Life After Addiction

Sobriety Can be Fun

When you’re actively in your addiction, it’s hard to imagine that you could ever live a life that you’re satisfied with. You continue to drink and use even though you’ve seen how it has caused so many problems in your life. It’s common for addicts to lose jobs, finances and loved ones due to their addiction, but they continue to use to cope with the misery that addiction brings. This is the insanity of the disease of addiction because the substance you’re abusing is your solution as well as the primary problem.

Once you make the courageous decision to get sober, you may be worried about how you’ll handle the daily stresses of life without using substances. Drugs and alcohol have been able to numb you from feeling anything, so it can be extremely scary to want to pursue sobriety. The reality is that those who have the honest desire to get sober live with a peace and serenity that they never knew was possible.

Having a New Perspective on Life

During your addiction, it’s common to think that the world is against you. This happens over time due to the effects long-term use has on the brain. It can bring upon feelings of resentment and isolation towards the world. You have also most likely used the substances to cover up the way you feel towards the world. Part of the recovery process is learning to take responsibility for your addiction as well as the decisions you make. You have to remember to look at the world through a different perspective, and embrace the changes.
Once you regain some clarity, you’ll begin to see that many of the stresses you’ve endured in your life have been due to your drinking or using. Almost magically, you’ll find that most of your problems disappear as long as you stay sober, one day at a time. You’ll begin to let go of situations beyond your control and learn to accept the situations for what they are. This will allow you to begin to manage your emotions much better.

Learning to Enjoy Life

Addiction keeps you isolated from the world and it’s typical to forget how fun and exciting life can be. The most fun addicts typically have is drinking or using, but they’re not having nearly as much fun as they think they are. Maybe when they first started drinking or using they were at parties with friends, but that eventually stops when their addiction takes over. It’s important to learn how to embrace fun in recovery to keep you sober.

It may take some time for you to begin to have fun again, but you’ll find it where you least expect it. Getting sober is a second chance at life, and most addicts lose sight of who they are throughout their addiction. You’ll be able to explore an endless amount of opportunities in sobriety and find out what you are truly passionate about. Whether you enjoy art, sports, music or social activities, you’ll find that these are a new way to get the feeling that you once found while you were drinking or using.

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