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The Best Michigan Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

A Challenge That Requires the Best Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is a challenge that requires solutions that work. Although every individual will have different treatment needs, the state of Michigan has a wide range of treatment options available.

michiganBy recognizing the best treatments for drugs or alcohol, it is possible to start rebuilding a drug-free lifestyle.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment option that is used for drug or alcohol addiction. The therapy focuses on changing the way men and women think, which in turn impacts the habit of abusing drugs or alcohol.

“Although the psychological approach to treatment can impact certain individuals, it might not work in every situation. Cognitive behavioral therapy works best when an individual is facing triggers that cause a temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol. The goal of therapy is to change the way the body and mind react to certain triggers so that the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol is reduced.”
Since the goal of therapy is changing the mental processes that cause substance abuse, it is not the best therapy when the primary reason for substance abuse is related to physical dependence. The therapy works well when drugs or alcohol are used as an effort to relieve stress, reduce feelings of emotional pain or as a habitual response to certain stimulus.

cognitive behavorial therapyThe psychological treatment for substance abuse can provide opportunities to give up the drugs or alcohol. Michigan treatment programs offer cognitive behavioral therapy as part of the program, though it may be only part of the best treatment approach to overcome an addiction.

Medication Treatment

When the substance that was abused causes severe withdrawal symptoms, doctors within a treatment program might determine that the only solution is a medication treatment that helps reduce the discomfort.

medical treatmentA medication treatment is usually a short-term solution that is gradually replaced with other treatments as the withdrawal symptoms and the impact of chronic substance abuse become less dangerous to an individual.

medication treatment improves brain functionMedication is primarily used during the detoxification process. After the body has removed the drug or alcohol from the system, the medications are gradually reduced. Depending on the program and the concerns about the health of the individual, the length of time that medications are used during treatment will vary.

Treating an addiction with medication is designed to help regulate and improve brain function. It is most commonly used when a substance abuser was taking opioid drugs or drinking heavily. Opioid and alcohol withdrawals can potentially cause health problems if measures are not taken to reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms. In most cases, medication treatment is used as part of the treatment program.


A Michigan addiction treatment program will usually include some form of counseling to help overcome the challenges of addiction. Most programs will include one-on-one counseling and group counseling to work through different challenges that are associated with addiction. In some cases, family counseling is also available to rebuild and improve the family unit.

One-on-one counseling

Designed to help improve the ability to fight addiction by discovering the underlying causes of the problem. Since addiction is a complicated condition, discovering the reasons that individuals decided to take the drugs or alcohol will make it easier to create a personalized treatment plan.

In one-on-one counseling, a professional will help uncover any trauma, mental health conditions or other issues that are making substance abuse more tempting. Even if the addiction developed accidentally as a result of taking medications for legitimate reasons, a counselor can help individuals work through any issues that have developed as a direct result of substance abuse.

Group therapy

Another form of counseling that is often used to help fight substance abuse. Michigan treatment programs include group counseling to provide understanding support and gain further insights into substance abuse.

During group therapy, others in the treatment facility discuss their own substance abuse struggles, offer advice about ways to fight the temptation of substance abuse and offer understanding when an individual is discussing personal struggles. That support system can be a powerful tool for some individuals.

The family therapy may or may not be part of a personalized program. Family therapy is designed to improve the ability to overcome the problem through two main purposes: it helps the family understand the addiction and it provides the loving support an individual needs to keep fighting after treatment is completed.

Family and friends

Powerful reasons to fight the addiction. The therapy can help mend relationships that were damaged as a result of the addiction and helps loved ones understand the addiction so they can recognize the problem or help fight the temptation to abuse drugs in the future.

Although programs differ, Michigan treatments for addiction include some form of counseling. It is useful and can help individuals work through any problems that are contributing to the addiction.

Medical Treatments

medication treatmentAddiction is not always caused by emotional or mental turmoil. In some cases, the addiction develops as a result of physical health conditions or physical pain. The attempt to reduce the discomfort or pain can lead to destructive behaviors or self-medication.

Medical treatments are an effective way to help fight the addiction when it is caused by health problems.

By focusing on healing the health problems or getting a medical condition under control, it is possible to give up the drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Treatments

Effective addiction treatment will always incorporate a wide range of solutions. Among the options that Michigan residents might find useful is a holistic approach to treating the addiction.

Since addiction is multi-causal, which means it has several causes, it is not always possible to address the problem by focusing solely on the addiction. Drug or alcohol abuse can develop from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems.

A holistic treatment approach will include alternative medicine and solutions that help improve every area of life.

The treatment options that a holistic program might offer include:

  • Yoga or deep breathing
  • Art classes
  • Music workshops
  • Dance lessons
  • Martial arts classes
  • Sports or exercise programs
  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation
  • Faith-based teachings

The holistic treatment approach focuses on meeting several needs. In some cases, it might mean that a substance abuser will need to move beyond a personal comfort zone and try something new. By getting involved in hobbies, trying alternative approaches to pain management or focusing on spiritual growth, it is possible to address more than the basic physical and mental aspects of addiction.

Personalized Programs

keyThe best approach to treating an addiction is personalization. Regardless of the treatment program, every individual looking for solutions to fight an addiction should look for personalized treatment plans.

When a treatment program offers personalized care and adjusts the program to fit the needs of the individual, the chances of recovery improve. Every individual has different needs, so the best treatment option in Michigan is a program that focuses on meeting the recovery goals and necessary solutions of the individual.
Fighting an addiction is challenging, but Michigan residents can find treatment options that will improve the chances of recovering for a lifetime. By evaluating the Michigan addiction treatment options and understanding what is available, it is possible to identify a program that will work for personal needs. It is not necessary to struggle with recovery alone because treatment is available.