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When Should You Tell Your Kids About Their Family Addiction History

Drug and alcohol addiction has become a very common and very worrisome crisis issue in the United States and has been that way for some time now too.  This has been the dawn of a new terror and a new problem in the United States and over twenty-million Americans have felt the effects of addiction first hand.

What happens when a drug or alcohol addiction crisis becomes this prevalent?  It becomes something that almost everyone sees or experiences at least second hand.  True enough, with roughly twenty-three and a half million Americans who are currently addicted to drugs and alcohol, odds are most people are going to come across an addict at some point in their lives.  Statistically speaking, roughly half of the Americans in this country had an interaction with a drug or alcohol addict in 2016.  About one out of every five Americans are currently connected in some way to a drug or alcohol addict.  About one out of every six Americans are in some way related by familial bonds to an addict.  About one out of every eight Americans is closely related to an addict within their immediate family (mother, father, siblings, or children).

All in all, this is a gradually growing and expanding problem, to say the least, and it has been getting out of hand for some time now too.  This is a problem and a crisis issue the likes of which the country has never seen before.  There quite literally has never been a problem like this in the history of the nation, so it’s causing a lot of people to sort of throw their hands up in mystery in an inability to figure out how to handle it and how to do something about it.

Now more than ever this is a problem that needs to be addressed and needs to be worked on to take it out of the dangerous situation that it is currently in.  Now more so than ever, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse crisis issues, in general, create very disturbing and problematic crisis problems in the nation that very much so need to be addressed and worked on.   What to do about it?  A lot of people are asking that very question.

Should I Tell My Kids About Family Addiction History?

This is a question that parents struggle with all the time and that causes them to really think and really try to come to a conclusion on what exactly they are going to do about their problem.  They have kids.  Their kids are growing up.  Their kids will be adults soon.  Their kids, being in their teens or early twenties are in the most at-risk age for substance abuse.  So, do you tell them about your own addiction history, your spouse’s, the grandparents’, or the aunt’s or uncle’s?

Honesty is the best policy.  You need to certainly time this conversation and have it in the right way, but most schools of thought believe that yes, you should tell your kids about any addictions that had once occurred in the family.  All in all, this will give them insight and it will put things into perspective for them.

The number one reason why young adults abuse drugs and alcohol is because of peer pressure associated with a lack of understanding about the true and very negative effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse.  Having this conversation with them will really open their eyes up and put things into perspective and possibly give them a good deal of understanding when perhaps before there was little to no understanding.

As a final note on this, while it is not a driving factor and a necessarily for sure thing, addiction can be hereditary.  For this reason, if addiction did crop up in the family, it’s better that your kids know about it and are able to understand it and really learn about it than to leave them in the dark knowing that they are possibly at risk of further substance abuse issues and crisis problems.

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