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Dissociative Drugs: What are They and Why are They Dangerous?

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a steadily expanding problem in this country, and one of the main issues regarding it is the sheer prevalence of so many different types of addictive substances that are used and abused. Now, truly there are hundreds of addictive substances being used and abused in this country, creating some very concerning issues.  While a lot of other, more recent drug substances have skyrocketed in popularity, one cannot forget that dissociate drugs and hallucinogens are still very common and are in fact growing in popularity.

Surprising Statistics About Drug Abuse in the US

Drug and alcohol addiction consistently get worse, and the statistics on this problem show this to be true.  For example, consider the following statistics: 

  • In the year of 2011, there were about twenty-one and a half million Americans over the age of twelve who suffered from a drug or an alcohol addiction.  From that same year, it was found out that no less than 89 percent of those addicted did not receive help or treatment for their addictions.  This shows the apparent “treatment gap” that this country continues to experience.  Basically, there is a serve shortage of quality, affordable, and efficient drug and alcohol addiction treatment in this country, and that is part of what has allowed drug and alcohol abuse to continue for so long.
  • On average, about 80 to 90 percent of Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol do not want to stop.  While that refusal to get help can change in an instant for any given addict, the fact of the matter is that at any one moment, an addict is at best 80 percent likely to avoid getting treatment.  

Dissociative drugs do not create chemical dependency so people think they can use them forever.  Whether effective treatment solutions are available or not, Americans simply are not willing to do whatever it takes to get help.  In fact, the majority of struggling addicts do not even want to get help for their drug and alcohol addiction problems.

This is where the importance of utilizing the tools and the skills of intervention services become essential to helping struggling addicts beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and good.

What are the Effects of Abusing Dissociative Drugs?

Dissociatives refer to any drug that causes hallucinations or an experience of a trip or an out-of-body experience.  These are drugs like Angel Dust, PCP, Mushrooms, LSD, Ketamine, etc.  Dissociative drugs have very negative side effects though, and these substances can create pretty bad situations very similar to the above statistics.  In fact, the worst of the dissociative drug effects would of course be death, and while people do not die often from dissociative drugs, it is a possibility.  For information on how to beat such an addiction, call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number.

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