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Dangerous Xylazine Nicknamed the Zombie Drug

Dangerous Xylazine, Nicknamed Zombie DrugThe use of Xylazine among drug addicts seems to be an emerging trend with potentially fatal health risks. Xylazine is cheaper than other drugs and produces an effect described to be more intoxicating than heroin. Commonly used in veterinary medicine, specifically as a horse tranquilizer, this drug can cause serious harm to humans. Xylazine is in the therapeutic category of muscle relaxer, sedative and analgesic agents, making it potentially incredibly dangerous to the heart, brain and other organs of the body.

Why the Nickname, Zombie Drug?

This drug has been nicknamed the zombie drug due to the fact that Xylazine addicts are often found bent forward, slipping in and out of consciousness even as they are walking – like zombies. Addicts use Xylazine similarly to how they use heroin, usually by injection, and very quickly enter this zombie-like state. Xylazine can cause hypotensive, bradycardic, glycemic and comatose reactions, just to name a few. The intoxicating effects of the drug typically last for about six hours.

Xylazine was investigated for use in humans, but was rejected due to its potentially hazardous side effects. This drug is often reported stolen from veterinary suppliers. As the use of Xylazine increases in the veterinary world, the abuse of the drug by humans has also increased.

Help for Xylazine Addiction

Seeking help with any addiction is a courageous choice. Anyone who may have a problem with Xylazine abuse can find help inside one of many treatment centers available for those suffering from addiction. There are many advantages to inpatient treatment including peer-to-peer support and understanding. There are even a wide variety of inpatient treatment facilities that will work with an individual’s health insurance.

As most recovering addicts will attest, elimination of the drug is only the beginning of a very intense, yet rewarding, process of learning to live without their drug of choice. Those who have abused Xylazine will need a safe area in which to recover both mentally and physically. An inpatient treatment center provides that safe space, removed from the demands and chaos normally associated with the daily life of an addict.

Inpatient Treatment for Addiction

Inpatient treatment centers provide structure, which is so important to a recovering addict. One of the most common characteristics of an addicted lifestyle are sporadic actions, and even these are drug dependent. Often even some basic human needs, such as consistent mealtimes, are typically not met by an addict until they are in a stable environment such as is provided by an inpatient treatment center.

It is important for anyone abusing Xylazine to be aware there are treatment options out there that can help them break free from their addiction. Inpatient treatment is one of those options. Length of stay at an inpatient facility varies by individual case, as does the treatment plan.

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