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Heroin Continues to be Popular Despite Efforts to Curb Epidemic

What we have on our hands right now in this country is a steadily increasing addiction problem of the very worst kind. As it stands, drug and alcohol addiction does get progressively and seriously more and more difficult for all who are faced with it, and this is to a point now where a lot of people are most definitely struggling with it. Drug and alcohol abuse grows more and more concerning every year, and if nothing is done to bring it down a notch then we are going to have a full-on epidemic on our hands here before too long.

Heroin Statistics

The best way to understand where this problem is going is with a study of the facts and statistics on it:

  • According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, certain drugs are making a comeback that was totally unanticipated. Case in point, heroin and cocaine seem to be the most significant of these. Both heroin abuse and cocaine abuse were basically things of the past by the end of the 20th century. This is to say that we had gotten a pretty good handle on these problems. Now, however, they are back and with a vengeance.
  • Cocaine and heroin both have risen up in demand and have gotten more people interested in them then perhaps ever before. With cocaine, young people and middle-aged people alike are abusing cocaine more so now than ever before. With heroin, people now go back and forth between heroin and opiate prescription pain relievers like never before. This is obviously a pretty significant problem and one that we need to address a lot more intensively.
  • According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, substance abuse and its increase have of course increased the demand for addictive substances which has resulted in more trafficking of illegal drugs into this country. The Drug Enforcement Agency, also commonly known as the DEA, is responsible for stopping this. What is really upsetting about this is that the DEA had excellent border security running by the 1990s.
  • Trafficking was down to a minimum. However, shortly after the prescription drug abuse epidemic of the 21st-century took off in the early 2000s, the demand for heroin as a second choice for opiate prescription painkiller addicts skyrocketed, and massive trafficking of heroin drugs into the country resumed once again.
  • Now it is to a point where the Drug Enforcement Agency reports that about 30,000 arrests are made at U.S. borders every single year because of trafficking. If that wasn’t bad enough, several thousand tons of illegal substances are seized at US borders every single year too.

Heroin Popularity

Heroin popularity has definitely been going up and has been getting more and more and more interesting with each passing year, to the point where there is more and more concern for these issues and hardships. Heroin statistics are definitely going up, in spite of efforts made to do something about this problem and in spite of efforts to do something about it once and for all and for good. When people see how many people use heroin, it really does become clear just how serious of an addiction struggle we are currently faced with at this time.

The only really reliable way to effectively and stably address heroin addiction and abuse though is with the help of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and recovery organizations. A Forever Recovery is able to get people free and clear from even the most brutal of heroin addictions and problems, no matter how hard these problems might be. For more information about how to effectively and stably beat an addiction to heroin, call A Forever Recovery today at 877-459-9723.

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