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How Common is Marijuana Use in the United States

How common is marijuana, currently?  In light of the most recent election, marijuana has become more common, and more popular and easier to use than perhaps ever before.  This fact has a lot of people questioning just how prevalent marijuana use and abuse is now.

Though it rarely registers much concern amongst modern day affairs and the day to day society of Americans in the U.S., marijuana abuse is a particularly dangerous issue in the nation, and it has been for a few years now.  Right off the bat, the first problem that comes to mind is that of those who drive a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.  Columbia University researchers looked into this.  In fact, after performing an impressive toxicology examination of nearly twenty-four thousand driving fatalities, their results were pretty grim.  From this study, it was concluded that marijuana contributed to twelve percent of all traffic deaths in 2010, a number that has significantly no less than tripled from that of just a decade earlier.

The concern regarding marijuana does not stop there though.  In fact, one of the most concerning aspects of drug and alcohol addiction in the 21st-century is the rapid spike in the overall prevalence of marijuana use and abuse.  If marijuana is going up, then other drugs are going up too.  Marijuana abuse is a lot more concerning now than it ever has been before because marijuana is a lot stronger than it ever used to be in years past. For example, back in the 1970s and 1980s, marijuana had only about seven percent THC in it (THC being the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces the high). Now, most marijuana is composed of 10 to 20% THC, not to mention all of the different additives and other chemicals that go into it as well that those who take it may or may not know about.  To make a long story short, marijuana is actually incredibly addictive today and the drug is causing addiction amongst Americans in the hundreds of thousands if not in the millions.

The Problem Gets Worse

It gets even worse than that.  How did marijuana get so prevalent and common?  Well obviously a lot of people would have had to have decided that it was okay or that it was something that was acceptable.  That is exactly the case.  A very concerning issue with drug and alcohol abuse in the United States today is with how common and how generally accepted marijuana abuse is in this nation, especially as opposed to several years ago. What a lot of people are forgetting is that marijuana is the number one gateway drug in the nation! Even if it isn’t nearly as bad as most drugs are, 90% of all drug addicts in the country will admit that they started with marijuana as their first drug of choice. This alone is reason enough to keep it illegal and to not allow its use in the nation, or at the very least to regulate it properly.

Marijuana is the number one gateway drug in the nation.  That fact has been proven.  Becoming addicted to marijuana is bad enough by itself, but the problem then gets a lot worse when one begins to go on to abuse some other type of drug too, especially harder drugs like heroin, cocaine, or pills.  For some more data on it, this isn’t to say that anyone and everyone who abuses marijuana will go on to abuse heavy and hard drugs, but it is to say that almost every single illegal street drug addict and every illegally-obtained drug addict started with marijuana as their first drug of choice.

The Regularity of Marijuana Abuse

Easily the most abused illicit drug is marijuana with no less than 14.6 million drug users.  The drug is quite common now, and there is no questioning that fact.  It is the most common drug in the entire nation.  It is of the utmost importance now more so than ever that this issue gets looked at and addressed properly so that it does not create such worry and concern amongst Americans everywhere.

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