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Is Cocaine Used as a Performance Enhancer by Athletes?

Is Cocaine Used as a Performance Enhancer by AthletesIf a basketball player decides to load up on cocaine before a game, will he be able to perform like Michael Jordan or Larry Bird? Is he going to run any faster or dunk more? Unfortunately, anyone attempting this should think twice.

History has taught that drugs in athletics is a serious and continuing problem. But finding out that one of your players is on cocaine should require immediate attention in getting him/her help. Why? Because it is illegal and it is deadly. Not only is it illegal, but it does not in any way shape or form increase athletic performance. On the contrary, being on cocaine while participating in a heavy sport could prove to be fatal.

Why Cocaine is Not a Performance Enhancer

In low doses, cocaine is merely just a stimulant and may only increase alertness for about 10 minutes. Any higher dosages, the body begins act negatively towards the drug. Detrimental affects may include:

  • confusion
  • delirium
  • convulsions
  • bursting blood vessels
  • heart attack.

Also, the player could become more irritant, aggressive and possibly violent. These side-effects should be inhibiting for playing a sport. So any expectations of becoming an all-star while on cocaine can be flushed down the toilet.

Cocaine is a Recreational Drug

Cocaine is an addictive recreational drug, as opposed to being like a steroid or supplement. However, there is a link between professional athletism and drugs in general. Drug addiction among sports athletes tends to coorelate with their rise in fame and fortune and their ample amounts of free time. According to an article in the Daily Mail, 60% of sports players are currently using drugs worldwide. If that number is accurate, one could only guess how many are using cocaine on the side. Cocaine is considered the lighter of drugs making it an entry drug. It would be easy for a wealthy athlete to obtain cocaine from about anywhere.

Deaths from Cocaine in Sports

Regular cocaine usage will eventually kill anyone, but in sports the process is accelerated. One of the real serious side affects is that it throws off the body’s temperature. In average temperatures the body is cooler than normal and in hot weather the body can spike into hyperthermia. So in sports, eventually the body will wear out quicker, and succumb to sudden death when the heart shuts down. The human body just isn’t meant for that kind of abuse.

In the 1980s, the use of cocaine addiction was at an all time high. Two notable professional sports players, NBA Len Bias and NFL Don Rogers, died suddenly which was caused by the abuse of cocaine.

The Verdict

So to answer the question, “Is cocaine used as a performance enhancer?” Quite simply no; it’s a recreational drug, but it is a popular drug among those who use drugs in athletics.

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