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Cooking at AFR | An Instructional Life Skills Class

Learning how to handle daily stress, even life skills as simple as cooking, is one of the most important aspects of overcoming addiction.

Life is stressful. Each day brings different problems to face and obstacles to overcome. Learning how to handle that stress in an effective and healthy manner is an important part of individual growth. “Life skills” are what we learn that gets us through our daily responsibilities. They are learned at different stages throughout life and build upon each other progressively.

However, many people decide on a different method of coping with stress.  Yet, they often choose one that causes more stress than what they are looking to escape. When life’s stress becomes overwhelming, or when someone doesn’t have the right skills to handle stress appropriately, choosing drugs or alcohol might seem like a better option. As addiction begins to take hold, the stress is multiplied, which only leads to more substance abuse.

Learning Essential Life Skills Enhances Recovery

A thorough and effective treatment program, like the one we offer at A Forever Recovery, is much more than just a way for someone to get clean and sober.  Our rehabilitation strategy is designed to prepare our patients to lead a substance-free lifestyle.  We accomplish this through the various supplementary program options which build on the core program.  We show them practical applications of the concepts and ideas discovered in the core program. These additional program options focus on helping our patients discover new techniques of coping with life’s stresses.  They learn essential life skills and methods of expressing negative emotions and frustration in a positive and productive manner.

We offer a life skills Cooking Class. These group sessions introduce our patients to the basics of planning and preparing healthy meals. Many of our patients are learning these skills for the first time, while others are using this class as a refresher course. Having confidence in one’s ability to handle daily responsibilities, even those that seem as simplistic as cooking dinner, is a tremendous step towards avoiding the unnecessary stress that would lead to using drugs or alcohol.

Meet Our Skilled Kitchen Director

Trent Mead is the Kitchen Director at A Forever Recovery and the Cooking Class facilitator. As Kitchen Director, his daily role includes planning menus for every meal throughout the day.  He also ensures that the Kitchen Staff has the necessary ingredients and equipment to execute those meal plans. Planning daily menus also include taking any special needs, such as gluten sensitivity, food allergies, diabetic dietary restrictions, or vegan/vegetarian preferences, into consideration. His knowledge and ability are extremely useful as the instructor for our Cooking Class.

New Habits, Improved Skills, Better Life

The Cooking Class at A Forever Recovery is mainly focused on helping our patients find a healthier lifestyle through a balanced and nutritious diet and proper eating habits.  It also has another benefit that might not be so obvious to some. Developing the skills to create nutritional and enjoyable meals is a big step towards being handling the daily responsibilities that life places before us. Matt, a patient at AFR chose to participate in the Cooking Class.  He points out how this program has helped him prepare for a substance-free lifestyle outside the halls of our treatment center. “I’ve learned a lot of things to try and get ready for outside life,” Matt explains. “It definitely is beneficial trying to keep that balance in time management.”

A Forever Recovery isn’t just a place where people go to get clean and sober. It is a place of total lifestyle transformation. It is a place where patients can find the tools and life skills they need to remain clean and sober after graduation. They find the ability and strength within to build a healthier and happier today and to look forward to a brighter and more promising tomorrow. Here, our patients discover a sense of confidence, and a path to overcoming an addiction through a life skills class at A Forever Recovery.

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