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Why Recovery is About More Than Just Sobriety

Addiction recovery is about more than just simply attaining sobriety. This perhaps is or of the greatest misconceptions of rehabilitation and what exactly that entails. Triumphing over drug and alcohol addiction at an inpatient rehab center is far more involved than merely beating an addiction problem. It’s more in depth than that.

To understand this, let’s take a look at addiction itself. Drug and alcohol addiction is a plague like no other that seemingly would ruin a person’s life if he or she did nothing about it. Contrary to most people’s understanding, addition actually goes a lot deeper than just the physical cravings and the chemical dependence to drugs and alcohol themselves.

Drug and alcohol addiction is only about thirty percent physical and actually seventy percent or more mental. The mental, personal, psychological, and spiritual addiction to drugs and alcohol in fact carries with it far more weight and strength than the chemical dependence or physical cravings to drugs and alcohol do.

This is an interesting phenomenon, but it is very true. The fact alone that fifty percent of recovered addicts relapse long after they have beaten chemical dependence to drugs and alcohol is testament to this simple fact.

Furthermore, an individual started using and abusing drugs and alcohol for mental and personal reasons. A person will continue to use and abuse drugs and alcohol for mental and personal reasons in spite of very prevalent risks of using such substances. Finally, addicted individuals will go back to using drugs and alcohol years into their recovery for mental and psychological reasons, not any physical ones.

We can see then that addiction treatment must be about a lot more than just achieving initial sobriety. If one hopes to beat addiction and stay clean for life, there is much more that needs to be addressed in rehab.

What to Do to Make Rehab a Lifelong Commitment

A lot of addicts struggle with figuring out exactly how to make their stay at a rehab center a truly beneficial and meaningful experience. Obviously, this is the case as so many newly recovered addicts falter and slip up and relapse after they complete treatment. This is why the focus needs to be on more than just obtaining immediate sobriety. Listed below are some tips on how to make addiction rehab into something that is truly worthwhile and truly something that creates a lifetime of abstinence:

Be sure to select the right addiction treatment program in the first place. Choose a program that you like, that has multiple different approaches to addiction treatment, and that you feel you will have a good experience at. Be selective in your choice. Don’t settle for second best.

Set goals for yourself while in treatment. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want your addiction treatment program to affect you for the rest of your life? What type of life long standards do you want rehab to help you create?

Think about the bigger picture. Think into the future. When going through rehab, allow yourself to ponder on what exactly you are there for, what you are working on, and how to create a new life for yourself. Really make a point to learn how to apply each and every single thing you do in treatment to your life outside of treatment.

Use rehab to create a completely new life for yourself. Don’t buy into an idea that rehab is only supposed to help you a little bit and for a little while. Rehab is supposed to completely change your life. Let it. Utilize rehab to fully help every aspect of your life and allow it to be literally life changing.

Beating addiction is no easy task. Achieving a level of one-hundred percent lifelong abstinence from addiction is even harder. This is what is needed though. There is a reason why so many people relapse after treatment, and it is usually because they did not do what they needed to do to make rehab about more than just accomplishing immediate sobriety.

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