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Why Medication Treatment is Not a Long Term Solution to Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general is certainly a very concerning and troublesome issue that is definitely occurring in the United States today on levels the likes of which have never been seen before in this country. These desperate times have called for desperate measures, and now a lot of families are scrambling to figure out what to do with their addicted loved one.

Addiction and substance abuse in the United States is incredibly prevalent now. Today, roughly one out of every three American families has someone within the extended family who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and one out of every eight families has somebody in the immediate family who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. On an individual basis, one out of every five Americans knows someone personally who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and one out of every 10 Americans at some point in their lives will be adversely affected by somebody who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. The sheer statistics of these likelihoods are much higher than they ever were before in the past.

In times like these, families and addicted individuals alike are trying to figure out how to resolve these issues. The real question on everyone’s mind is which rehab program is the best rehab program to go to and is rehab even necessary? To answer the last question first, inpatient rehabilitation is absolutely necessary and needed to get rid of an addiction problem once and for all and for good. There is no doubt about this whatsoever, addiction is very deadly and very dangerous and it needs to be focused on and the only way to focus on it is with inpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detoxification facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations are by far the most effective means for tackling an addiction crisis. They always have been. The centers are able to get down to the bottom of both the physical and psychological reasons of why somebody turns to drugs and alcohol and can actually address them on a permanent level. No other approach to addiction treatment can do that.

Should I Go to a Rehab that Offers Drugs?

This question is almost a no-brainer, but unfortunately many Americans get duped into the idea that they can still take legal drugs while going through rehab. Unless it is a medication for a physical ailment or health concern, 99% of rehab centers out there of any quality or merit will insist that their clients come down off of all drugs and all substances while going through their program. The problem is that the mind and the body of an addicted individual will substitute any drug for another drug if he or she is going through detox and rehab. Witness the tens of thousands of Americans who become addicted to Suboxone and Methadone every single year and end up being hooked on it as a replacement drug. This is simple physiology at work and biology in effect. It is child’s play and sheer folly to think that one can still take highly powerful antipsychotics and psychiatric drugs for supposed mental disorders while trying to come down off of other drugs like opiates and cocaine or alcohol.

The entire goal of rehabilitation centers is to get addicted individuals free and clean from all drugs no matter whether or not they are legal or they are illegal. After that, the recovered individual can make whatever decisions as to what medications he or she wants to be on in the future. Given that there are many holistic means and methods for addressing mental issues and pain though, it quite negates the need for legal drugs for any recovered addict. This is good too because legal drugs are simply a slippery slope for the abuse of more illegal drugs and the eventual abuse of illegal drugs.

Looking to the Future

Dealing with a crisis like drug or alcohol addiction is potentially one of the most dramatic and physically and mentally dangerous and life-threatening experiences that any one individual will have. The interesting thing about addiction is it is the only disease in the United States of America that is 100% fatal if it is not cured, yet it is 100% curable in all cases! This is totally staggering and amazing but it is absolutely true. If people do not get help for their addiction they will die or at least their lives will be absolutely ruined by it and they will die sooner or later. However, no single person cannot be helped and cannot be rehabilitated from their addiction.

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