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What is Rehabilitation?

What is Rehabilitation?Rehabilitation is the term used by medical professionals, psychologists, and counselors when referring to treatment processes for dependencies on psychoactive substances or addictions with a variety of approaches. Rehabilitation is also known as therapy, treatment or rehab. Usually rehabilitation is accomplished in an inpatient or residential setting. Although outpatient rehabs also treat addictions, they are not as thorough as the residential rehabilitation treatment centers.

In our rehabilitation treatment facilities professionals will make an assessment that will help them to understand how serious the addiction has become and what other psychological and physical effects it has caused. Once the situation is understood, a treatment protocol will be utilized that will include detoxification, counseling, health monitoring and related therapies and procedures that will optimize the best solution for that situation.

Does Addiction Rehabilitation Work?

This is the question millions ask themselves as they consider getting treatment for various addictions. Statistics show that in 2009, emergency room visits for drug misuse or abuse indicated numbers upward of 23.5 million in our country alone. Most of these were from prescription drug abuse, the highest abused drugs being Xanax, Lortab or Vicodin. The rest were a combined usage of drugs mixing with prescription and illicit drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine (meth), or alcohol.

When asking “does rehab work?” we must first look at the numbers of addicts, the various drugs of addiction, and the number of addicts who actually receive help. Only 11.2% asked for help in 2009. This means the rest are still addicted or suffering long-term effects or death from overdose if they have not been in rehab.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2009, 23.5 million individuals were indicated to suffer from an illicit drug abuse or problem and were in need of rehab.

Millions of Lives Saved by Rehab

Rehab saves millions of lives every year. Personal legalities prevent us from knowing exact numbers or statistics of persons who have received drug and alcohol rehab but the ones who will admit it are in the millions. Reports state that 2.1 million received help in 2009. So, out of 23.5 million addicted, only 2.1 million were treated. If that answer doesn’t scare you nothing will.

Don’t become a statistic in the war against drugs when our programs can guide you into a successful recovery of your own. When someone asks “does rehab work?”, you can answer with a positive example.

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