Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Relapse Prevention

Every year and every decade of every generation, there becomes some aspect and some facet of life or some problem to really mess things up in the United States that then needs to be addressed more effectively and with more persistence and passion and zeal. This is just a factor of life in every country, and the United States is no different. There are always going to be struggles but there are always going to be hardships and difficulties every year, and really what it comes down to is this country’s ability to effectively address these issues.

Addressing Addiction

While it is true that the issues often change or get worse or get better, the fact remains that each country will always have their unique problems and struggles, and this will be what needs to be addressed the most. In the United States right now, the issue of substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction is one such issue that is very concerning and it has been only getting worse and worse with each passing year.

Now, after being a crisis for many years in the early 2000s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has officially labeled drug and alcohol addiction as being a full-on epidemic in this country. This is a classification that addiction and substance abuse, in general, have never before received in the history of this nation. It truly shows just how difficult and just how concerning this problem is getting right now.

The main approach to addressing addiction in this country right now has to be with efforts along the line of prevention and along the line of rehabilitation too. It is only going to be with prevention and rehabilitation both that people will be able to find their pathway to freedom and abstinence from addiction for life. Also, it is only with these combined approaches that we are going to be able to tackle this problem effectively.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When people realize that addiction is truly as terrible as it is, they realize that going to rehab is the only way to effectively and stably address this problem, the next approach needs to be one of preventing a relapse from occurring. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is best utilized as an addiction therapy and as relapse prevention.

For somebody who is in recovery, no matter who they are, what their ages are, or what it is that they were abusing, the greatest risk to anybody who is in recovery is the risk of relapse or the threat of relapse and a general revisitation back to a substance abuse problem. This is very dangerous, especially since about 80% of all overdose deaths occur during a relapse as opposed to during regular substance abuse. It would seem that there is never any sort of joy or reprieve for somebody who abuses substances because they’re always having to go back to continue addressing this issue.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for relapse prevention, however, is a really great approach that A Forever Recovery and a handful of other treatment centers include making sure that a relapse does not happen in an individual. True enough, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy itself is completely designed to address the mental and psychological aspects of substance abuse and trigger systems that cause people to abuse substances that go into relapse in the first place.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and A Forever Recovery

Part of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at A Forever Recovery is used as a part of the substance abuse program itself, to ensure that people are able to fully and finally address their various trigger systems and their other life issues that are causing them to abuse substances in the first place. In a similar way, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can also be applied in aftercare in such a way as to prevent a relapse from occurring. Overall this is a very worthwhile approach and something that is very helpful for people because it makes sure that the individual will stay away from substance abuse in the future.

All in all, getting off of drugs and alcohol effectively and stably is a very necessary approach, as to really get a good benefit from a relapse prevention program that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the cherry on top for the perfect rehab program. Thankfully, not only does A Forever Recovery offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a part of their main program, but they also offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for relapse prevention as an entirely different, yet similar approach.

In this way, clients are able to get the tools and the training methods and the techniques that they need to be sure to never have to face the terrible factors of relapse ever. For more information and to get started on a road to permanent sobriety, reach out to A Forever Recovery. Call today at 877-467-8363.