As the country begins to struggle with more and more difficult substance abuse problems, more and more worry and danger have been abounding from addiction. Further, more hardship and difficulty have been coming up and constantly being right around the corner because of drug and alcohol addiction and because of substance abuse as a general issue in our nation.

We live in a country now where drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is our single most difficult and unpleasant crisis, to say the least, one of which is even more worrisome than it used to be in previous years. As we take our time to really examine this country’s current substance abuse problem, we begin to really see the exact direction that addiction is going in, and we start to understand the true seriousness that this issue presents to us.

Almost every time we start to look closely at drug and alcohol addiction as it stands in our country, we start to see more clearly that this really is a problem with legal substances like prescription drugs and alcohol more so than it is an issue with illegal substances like heroin, cocaine, meth, crack, crank, hallucinogens, etc. While those drugs are certainly still concerning and still damaging and dangerous in their own way, they are not nearly as impacting or as worrisome or as broadly far-reaching as alcoholism and pill addiction is currently.

Methods of Detoxification

Obviously, when a person is seriously considering getting clean and sober from an addiction, the process of detoxification has to be the first approach and is the first approach in addressing such a habit effectively. Detox is the necessary first approach for people to take part in because it is only with detox that people are actually able to effectively and stably tackle the chemical dependency issues of addiction. Also, to be able to really get a handle on these first before going on to some different method of addiction recovery.

Listed below are a few of the more common methods of detoxification:

  • Medical detox. A medical detox will be a full inpatient facility which employs the services of doctors and nurses and a medical team within the program to monitor an individual, to give them certain medicines to help with withdrawal symptoms, and to basically make recovery as easy and as pain-free for them as possible. This approach is very helpful because this approach really does serve to give people a comfortable and effective approach for coming down off of whatever it was that they were hooked on, to begin with. In this way, they will be able to experience full and total freedom from their chemical dependency habits once and for all and for good.


  • Outpatient detox. While not nearly as effective as the inpatient approaches to addiction recovery, this method is still very effective and very helpful and they still serve to get people the kinds of tools and effective recovery methods necessary for really getting free and clear from addiction for life. While it certainly does take some work and some effort to accomplish a lifetime of recovery and abstinence for those who take part in it, this is still a very worthwhile and accomplishable goal, to say the least. An outpatient approach will simply teach various coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques to try to help their client’s detox outpatient.


A Forever Recovery can offer a range and a variety of detox tools and methods, all of which are very helpful and very assistive to those who are trying to get off of drugs and alcohol. Though this does take some effort, it can be done and it absolutely should be done by all who venture to find recovery and abstinence. A Forever Recovery offers both medical detoxification and detox without medicine. Call today for more information.