Atlanta Heroin Rehab

Heroin is an illegal narcotic that roughly 4 million people in America use on a daily basis. Even though it has been banned in the country since the 1920s, people still find a way to smuggle it in and sell it to those who want to use it. Unfortunately, the problem with this drug seems to be a growing epidemic in different areas across the country, including Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, those who often use the drug in Atlanta have stated that it is becoming even easier for them to get it whenever they need it, which means there are more people selling it right there on the streets.  Clearly, this is all the more reason for facilities such as Atlanta heroin rehabs.

Why do People Choose to Use Heroin?

People start using heroin for different reasons. For example, a young adult may go to a party where other people are using it. They can smoke it or snort it, but some even inject it. If they want to fit in with the other people who are at the party, they may decide to give it a try because they want to seem cool, but they will likely become addicted to it after a while.

heroinAlthough peer pressure is one reason people start using heroin, there are other people who try using it because they want to get high and they know that it will make them feel some type of rush for a short while. Many individuals who try heroin and continue to use it suffer from other mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. They may be looking for a way to cope with their health problems on their own, but this particular drug is certainly not the answer. In fact, it can make those kinds of problems even worse.  In an Atlanta heroin rehab program these individuals can find solutions to their emotional problems that don’t include the  use of addictive drugs.

Why is Heroin so Bad?

The drug is bad for several reasons. It has both short-term and long-term negative effects on the body. As soon as the high is over, the person who has taken the drug may start feeling a bit drowsy. They may be unable to respond to the people around them who are talking to them or asking questions. Instead of having a clear mind, everything will seem a bit fuzzy and unclear. Someone who has just taken heroin may also have difficulty breathing as clearly as he or she was before the drug was injected into their system.

The rush that one starts to feel while taking heroin is certainly not worth the long-term negative effects that it has on the brain and the body. Those who continuously use the drug may suffer from these problems in the future:

  •  Tooth loss
  •  Constant dry mouth
  •  Pockmarks from needles
  •  Skin infections
  •  Severe depression

Recovering addicts who were using heroin for such an extended period of time may have rotting teeth, dry mouth and some marks on their face from various skin infections. It is for that very reason it is so important to get help with this kind of addiction right away.

Is It Possible to Recover From This Addiction in Atlanta?

Deaths caused by a heroin overdose have drastically increased over the past decade, which causes some people to believe that there is no way to recover from this addiction. However, there is a very beneficial option that has helped to save the lives of so many people. Inpatient Atlanta heroin rehab is the best option for anyone who is currently abusing this particular drug and would like to stop using it for good.

If a person you love is addicted, it may be a good time to schedule an intervention to try to encourage them to get help at an inpatient Atlanta heroin rehab center. However, if you are the one who has been using the drug for quite a while now, you may be ready to go to the rehab on your own because you know that you have a serious problem. When you decide to go for inpatient treatment, you will have plenty of people there by your side. Some of the things you may need to do while you are there include:

  •  Get through the withdrawal symptoms with help from professional staff members
  •  Get involved in various activities that will keep you occupied
  •  Learn new life skills that you can use when you leave the facility
  •  Attend group sessions to receive encouragement and gain some confidence

An extended stay at the Atlanta heroin rehab center could change your life. If you are addicted to heroin, you do not have to feel ashamed. Even if you do not have a support system at home, the professionals who work at the facility will offer all of the support you could possibly need because they want you to succeed and stay clean.