Atlanta Prescription Drug Rehab

Atlanta Prescription Drug Rehab

These days prescription drugs are a powerful way to aid people with multiple health issues. When they are taken as prescribed, they are helpful in managing the symptoms of the health problem.

One thing to be aware of is that prescription drugs can be highly addictive, especially if they are being taken in a way other than they are prescribed. If the prescription bottle says to take one pill every eight hours, then taking two every four hours is a problem.

Prescription Drug Use in Atlanta

According to reports at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Oxycodone is the most widely prescribed drug in the Atlanta area. Oxycodone is an opiate-based medication that is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

Even with the best of intentions, it is easy for anyone to find themselves addicted to these potent pills. When you’re in pain, the only thing you want is the relief, and prescription pills undoubtedly provide it quickly. Many people think that if one pill helps, two will help even more. This is the kind of thinking that leads to prescription pill abuse and addiction. Once that occurs, the best option for recovery is Atlanta prescription drug rehab.

Narcotic pills are not only problematic for the people who have valid prescriptions, many people without legitimate reasons to take these pills “pop” them for recreational purposes.

In 2011, it was found that 52 million people over the age of 12 used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in all of the United States, so prescription drug misuse and abuse is not specific to Atlanta.

Other prescription pills that are subject to misuse or abuse include sedatives and stimulants.

Sedatives are commonly used to treat health issues like anxiety and sleep disorders. People who use them experience a tranquilizing or depressive effect and are calmer if they have anxiety or can sleep if they are having sleeping troubles. In slang terminology, sedatives are referred to as “downers.”

Stimulants have the opposite effect of sedatives. Stimulants are frequently prescribed to treat issues such as depression and ADHD in children and adults. Stimulants are often called “uppers” in slang terminology.

Mixing Drugs with Alcohol

A disturbing trend in the general misuse of pills is mixing these weighty drugs with alcohol. Despite warnings on prescription drug bottles, some people mix these two substances to escalate the “buzz” or to experience stronger effects. Apparently, this makes the danger of taking prescription drugs even stronger. This could be a deadly combination.

Recognizing the Signs of Pill Addiction

If you suspect that you or someone you love is having abuse problems with prescription pills, there are signs that you are having addiction problems. Symptoms will vary based on the type of prescription pill that is being abused or misused. Some signs that could indicate a problem include dizziness, depression, constipation, drowsiness, confusion, weight loss, agitation, restlessness, irritability, body aches, impulsive behavior, and insomnia.

The sooner that you or your loved ones seek treatment in an Atlanta prescription drug rehab, the better. Continued abuse of these substances will lead to serious health problems.

Treatment Options Are Available in Atlanta

A pill addiction is a serious health concern. Prescription pills are among some of the most potent and most addictive substances available today. These medications are designed to alter people’s moods and thought patterns, which can cause substantial dependencies on them.

One of the most effective ways to treat an addiction to prescription pills is by checking into an inpatient Atlanta prescription drug rehab facility. A reputable and trusted rehabilitation center has skilled staff members that understand the physical and emotional concerns that patients face when they are stopping the abusive use of prescription pills.

As patients are undergoing their rehab treatment, they will learn tactics to deal with pain management and other triggers and situations that might lead to using again. In some cases, they may also take part in private counseling or group therapy sessions to aid in their recovery process.

While the length of time to make a full recovery from a pill addiction varies from person to person, many inpatient Atlanta prescription drug rehab facilities offer programs from thirty days to ninety days. Long-term treatment is also available for people who are struggling with a prescription drug addiction.

Atlanta Prescription Drug Rehab Costs May be Covered by Insurance

If you or a loved one is an Atlantian that is struggling with an addiction to narcotic painkillers, sedatives or stimulants, the costs of inpatient treatment could be covered partially or in full by your private or employer-sponsored health insurance.

Prescription drug rehab in Atlanta is there to help anyone, regardless of age, sex, race or religion to kick their habit and get well.