Demerol Addiction

demerol addictionAt our facility, we want potential clients to understand the many reasons why Demerol addiction treatment is so important. This type of drug was prescribed for certain types of chronic pain; however, many people become addicted to powerful painkillers simply because of how powerful they are. Even if the user does not intend to become an addict, they can easily become one by starting out as a casual user. This drug is a potent synthetic opioid, and addiction will require professional Demerol addiction treatment.

The Most Dangerous Thing About Demerol Addiction

The most dangerous thing about anesthetics with opioid properties is that they can easily kill a user any time that they are using the drug, even with a single use. Opioid drugs are so dangerous because they slow the breathing and nervous system activity of the user. Demerol addiction treatment is necessary to seek as soon as one can, simply because of this destructive potential that is present in every dose.

Extensive Damage

These opioid drugs can cause significant damage to the liver of the user, especially when these substances are used over extended periods of time. These types of drugs can be just as dangerous to the liver as drinking alcohol. If acetaminophen products are taken while taking an opioid-like Demerol, the risks of forming cirrhosis of the liver increases. Getting Demerol addiction treatment early in the addiction can prevent this deadly outcome.

The Effects of Demerol Addiction

Demerol’s ability to block or alter pain perception are felt 10 to 15 minutes after taking and lasts for two to four hours. It is a milder counterpart of morphine with less sedation, euphoria, and respiratory depression. The repeated use of Demerol can lead to body tolerance, and a higher dosage of the drug is required to take effect, and this is how Demerol abuse begins. This may result in the individual’s craving the euphoria or ‘high’ feeling has been experienced.

Deadly Potential with Every Use

Demerol carries a dangerous potential with each (and every) use, and the long-term adverse effects are harmful as well. When considering the most important reasons that Demerol addiction treatment can be so important, and quitting as soon as possible is in the best interests of the user. For more information regarding Demerol addiction treatment, call today.