Detroit Prescription Drug Rehab


Addiction has run rampant in major cities like Detroit because drugs are easier to access than ever. While many people think of drug addicts as people who use hard street drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin, there is a much bigger problem with people abusing prescription medications. Not only are more people becoming addicted to medications, but they are currently the leading cause of drug overdoses in the United States.

When a person is addicted to drugs, the addict’s sense of logic isn’t what it once was. While they may know that mixing medications can be dangerous, their craving to get high is far too great for them to make the right choice. Many of these medications are depressants, which means they cause the central nervous system to react slower. This leads to shallow breathing and a lower heart rate, but sometimes the combinations can be toxic as well.  For this reason, withdrawing from these drugs can be dangerous and should only be attempted under the supervision of professionals in a Detroit prescription drug rehab.

Seeking an Escape

People often wonder how a person becomes addicted, and one of the primary causes is that the person is trying to escape their feelings and emotions. Whether the person is suffering from the memories of a traumatic event, the stresses of everyday life, they find that using mind-altering substances is a way to feel a sense of relief. The problem is that the person’s brain will eventually rely on the substances whenever these emotions arise.

Young people are at the biggest risk of becoming addicted when they’re using the substances as an escape. During adolescence, the brain is learning about the world and how to handle different situations. When a young person is constantly turning to drugs whenever they feel stressed, anxious or depressed, they’re not learning how to handle the situation in a healthy way.

Getting high offers a temporary escape from a person’s problem because prescription medications attach to the receptors that give the mind a sense of euphoria. The drugs don’t last forever though, so the person will need to use again in order to numb themselves the next time they have these feelings. Before long, the person loses control over their using because they’re constantly craving the medications.

Legitimate Reasons for Taking Medications

The most commonly abused drugs are ones that were created to help with pain, anxiety or an attention deficit disorder. These medications were created with good intentions, but they can become highly addictive. People in Detroit who started taking these medications because of some type of health problem will be able to justify and rationalize their using more than those who just use the medications to get high.

Some people are able to take these medications without having a problem, but other people are predisposed to the disease of addiction, so they’ll eventually lose control. They’ll begin using their medications more than what’s prescribed because they’ve built up a tolerance. Pharmacies and doctors do what they can to monitor prescription drug abuse, so the person may have difficulties getting refills. This will lead to the person buying the medications illegally, which can be quite expensive.

Addicts who are addicted to opiates will often progress to heroin because the drug is cheaper to buy and much stronger than prescription medications. This may seem like a drastic leap, and most addicts think they’ll never progress to a drug as serious as heroin, but most heroin addicts were once addicted to prescription opiates. When someone’s addiction becomes more severe, their cravings are so intense that they’ll have no problem doing things that they never thought they’d do.

Why People Don’t Seek Help in Detroit


The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful, and it causes people to believe that they can’t feel well unless they continue using drugs. Those who become addicted because they have a legitimate health problem are less likely to seek help because they think their medications are the only way they can keep their anxiety, pain or attention span under control. Many of these addicts aren’t properly educated about the disease of addiction, so they don’t realize that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life without the use of these medications.  With the help of Detroit prescription drug rehab, these individuals can overcome their addiction and learn the skills necessary for living a drug-free lifestyle.

People who suffer from chronic pain think that opiates are the only way that they can keep their pain under control. The reality is that when a person is addicted, their brain is actually intensifying the pain to make the person want to keep using drugs. When a person decides to recover from their addiction, they can learn alternative pain management techniques that often help more than the pain medications were.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs in Detroit, there is hope to living a better life. Through Detroit prescription drug rehab, the addict will learn how to manage their pain, anxiety, attention deficit disorder as well as the stresses of everyday life without the use of narcotic medications.