Methadone Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is an ever-increasing problem that seems only to get worse. Drug and alcohol addiction is a harsh and challenging issue. The problems and different crisis factors that come about because of it are serious. If significant action is not taken to address these matters soon, then addiction will only increase. Methadone is a drug which is used to help those individuals who are trying to overcome opiate addiction. Many times though, methadone addiction replaces the addiction from which a person is seeking to recover.

Drug and alcohol addiction has not always been as bad as it is now. In fact, it has only been since the turn of the century that drug and alcohol addiction has become such a real crisis for so many people. True enough, the issue is a serious one and a severe one. It has caused problems that have created nationwide concern.

What is truly disturbing about addiction now is that it has become more of an issue with legal substances than with illegal ones. That’s right; when all of the cards are on the table, it is the legal substances that create the most dangerous consequences.

Legal Substances Causing More Addiction Problems Today Than Illegal

Drug and alcohol addiction has certainly been a big issue in this country. When it comes to drug addiction, legal alcohol, and legal pharmaceutical drugs have been the two most concerning substances of them all. Here are some statistics on this point:

  • There are currently more people who are addicted to alcohol than there are individuals who are addicted to all drugs combined.
  • More people die from alcohol-related causes than drug-related causes each year. While about twenty to forty thousand die every year from drugs, sixty to eighty thousand die every year because of alcohol.
  • When it does come to drugs, there are more people addicted to pharmaceutical drugs than there are people addicted to all different types of drugs combined.
  • When it comes to drugs, more people die from pharmaceutical drugs than all other types of drugs combined.

What is truly scary about this is that pharmaceutical drugs were not even on the map as being a substance of interest until recently. The truth of the matter is that opiate painkillers and other prescription drugs did not start getting abused on such massive levels until recent years. In less than two decades, pharmaceutical drugs rose from something that was hardly abused to something that is now an epidemic.

About Methadone Addiction

methadone drug abuseOf all of the prescription drugs that one could get addicted to, methadone is perhaps the worst of them all. Methadone is technically used to treat opiate addiction and dependence. However, the brutal truth behind it is much grimmer than that. In reality, when a person takes methadone, they many times end up getting addicted to the methadone. When this happens, it is trading one addiction for another.

People become legally addicted to methadone, or they take methadone recreationally and without a prescription for it. As methadone is a very powerful drug (it has to be to block and nullify opiate addiction), it is very easy to get hooked on the stuff.

Even though methadone was intended to help people, it very often only makes their lives worse. It is a “quick fix” gone wrong. Instead of people going free from opiate addiction with the help of methadone, people often feel as though they are just trading one addiction for another. That is the brutal truth of the matter. This is what happens because when such individuals try to stop using methadone, they go through painful withdrawal symptoms.

Beating Methadone Addiction with Rehabilitation

The key method for getting rid of methadone addiction is with the help of an inpatient drug addiction treatment facility. These are the rehab programs and recovery organizations that offer the most help and the most care to people and these are the methods that assist people the most in beating addiction.

Methadone addiction is a tough thing to beat, but it is possible. A Forever Recovery is an excellent treatment center that specializes in helping people triumph over substance abuse. They can experience a new life and a new level of stability that is lasting and permanent. With the support of a treatment center, people can finally experience freedom and security from addiction.