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Addiction is something that someone does regardless of the consequences surrounding it. One aspect of being addicted to substances is that the person will do it even if it, ironically, has a counter-effect on the pleasure they get out of it. Another aspect of addiction is that the addict will use substances compulsively, which means they have no control over their substance use.

Addiction Comes in Many Forms

Addiction comes in many different forms, from being addicted to sex to being addicted to drugs. Fortunately, there are treatments for every addiction. Many people believe that a person can only be addicted to a substance because of the role it plays on the body, but this is false. Usually, addiction happens after consuming large amount of a substance. This is different for people who have behavior addictions. All addictions are similar in at least one way and that is that the addiction pleasures the person in some way. For people addicted to gambling, the pleasure they may get out of it is the thrill and the prospect of having more money. With drug addiction, the pleasure comes in the form of intense euphoria or feelings of increased energy.

Many Negative Factors of Addiction in New York

One thing about addiction is that you might not realize you’re addicted if you are truly happy, and if your life is going good. This does not mean that the addiction is not harmful, because it still is and can have negative effects on the addict and his or her surroundings. Denial is another harmful aspect of addiction. Denial causes people to build a false perception because their reality is much sadder. They refuse to acknowledge that they have an addiction problem and fail to seek help, and this can lead to life-threatening consequences. Even though there are many negative factors of addiction, the thing to keep in mind is that with some hard work and help from A Forever Recovery, addiction is treatable.

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