Holistic Addiction Recovery

Results Based Holistic Addiction Recovery

Addiction is an insidious and progressive disease, and the only way to truly overcome it is to heal the mind, body, and spirit of each individual on a personalized basis.

The separate components of mind, body, and spirit all work together, influencing each otherBody, Mind, Spirit within the whole person.  Understanding how one faulty component can negatively impact the whole person is the basis of holistic treatment, and , we take an approach to recovery that is tailored to each individual for a personal path to health, happiness, and truly overcoming addiction.

The Mind

The mind is a powerful tool, but it can be devastated by the many assaults it suffers as a result of addiction.  The mind is inextricably linked to how we behave and experience everything in life.

  1. Thoughts originate in the mind and drive behaviors.
  2. When our minds are not healthy, our behaviors become unhealthy and destructive.
  3. Unhealthy and destructive behaviors result in massive assaults on our bodies.
  4. When our body is broken and mind is unhealthy, our spirit can be crushed.

We understand the connection between an unhealthy mind and addictive behaviors, and we help each individual to identify how this connection has affected his or her life on an individual basis.

No single approach will be successful for everyone, so we work with every client to determine the approach that best suits his or her needs, preferences and belief system.  At A Forever Recovery, we are dedicated to healing the mind on a personal level to empower each person to have healthy thoughts that positively impact behaviors and overall happiness in life.

The Spirit

Our spirit is the base of our existence, how we feel about ourselves, and how we are motivated in life as a result. Addiction can be devastating to the spirit of those who suffer from it. When the spirit is not able to be free and thrive, happiness cannot be realized and addiction continues to linger. At A Forever Recovery, we understand the importance of spiritual freedom, and that it must begin with healing. For this reason, we offer our clients a variety of spiritual tracks for recovery, including

  • Christianity
  • Catholicism
  • Muslim Faith
  • Native American
  • Buddhism
  • Self Help

We know how important spiritual freedom is for the whole existence of every person, and in order to establish a meaningful spiritual connection, some clients may wish to try various tracks. We accommodate every client’s need to ensure this essential component of the whole person is well nourished and can be a strong foundation for complete healing and recovery from addiction.

The Body

Interconnected to the mind and spirit is the body, which can suffer mightily as a result of an unhealthy mind and under-nourished spirit. At A Forever Recovery, we start with detox to ensure that all toxins and poisons from drugs and alcohol are safely and comfortably removed from the system of each individual. As a part of this important first step, we provide a tailored vitamin therapy with essential minerals and amino acids, based on the needs of each individual.

Healing the body does not stop with detox, as we provide a wide variety of physical therapies to promote proper nutrition, circulation, chemical productivity, and sleep patterns to keep the body thriving and feeling good. When our bodies are healthy, our mind and spirit support that positivity toward a holistic effect of health and happiness.  Some of the resources our clients enjoy for physical healing are:

  • Sauna Therapy
  • Hot Tub Therapy
  • Personal Training with Olympic trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Martial Arts Disciplines
  • Aerobics
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutritional Guidance

A Forever Recovery is Open-Ended and Results-Based

At A Forever Recovery, our program is results-based, which means no one is sent home after a Drug Abusepreset number of days at our facility. Our clients complete our program when the results of their work toward holistic healing show that they are ready to complete the program, no matter how long it takes. At A Forever Recovery, we are dedicated to empowering every individual who walks through our doors to heal his or her mind, body, and spirit, because this healing is essential in the journey to recovery from addiction.

We give every individual the time, options, support, and resources he or she needs to ensure total healing so the mind, body, and spirit are working together in a positive manner to improve life and truly overcome addiction. Many other drug rehab programs talk about holistic healing, but with a results based program that has no time limits, A Forever Recovery can guarantee it. All it takes is one phone call and the willingness to grow out of the shadows of addiction and into the light of holistic health and recovery.