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At our A Forever Recovery treatment program facility, we are committed to meeting the client’s needs and, in that spirit, we offer several tracks to help you or your loved one overcome addiction.

Below is a list of the treatment options we offer. You can also call us toll-free at 269-704-7240 to learn more about these options.

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Faith Based:

Our Faith-Based track allows the client who is either a believer or has an interest in the teaching of Jesus Christ, to strengthen their beliefs and spirit. Exploring and strengthening one’s Christian faith allows the client to maintain their recovery after treatment.

Self Help:

Our Self Help track allows the client to attend self-help support groups, fellowships, and other recovering communities.


Our Cognitive track is ideal for one of the several different clients, including those who aren’t receptive to typical 12-step drug rehab programs, is uncomfortable in a Christian Faith based environment, believes that empowerment and overcoming one’s addiction comes from within and seeks to enhance their current recovery base with the benefits of understanding his/her belief systems, triggers, and cognitive processes.


We have a series of elements of our Holistic track that can provide the addict or alcoholic with an enhancement to their rehabilitation through our A Forever RecoverySM treatment program. These elements can include yoga, guided imagery, relaxation sessions, the philosophy and spirituality of Martial Arts, and also includes lectures by recovering addicts, alcoholics and counselors.

Indigenous Path:

The Indigenous Track incorporates both traditional Native American teachings along with the 12-Step approach. Our 12-Step approach is the Medicine Wheel and the 12-Steps were designed by White Bison Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our clients in this track learn not only how to heal from their addiction but also how to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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