Activity Group Therapy

In addiction recovery, there are many different treatment approaches for clients to choose from, based on their recovery needs, though individual and group therapy are essential components of many of these approaches. Activity group therapy sessions give clients an opportunity to acknowledge their addiction problem and recognize that having other people in their lives is both healthy and fulfilling. For more information about group therapy, or to enroll in a substance abuse rehab program, call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number to discuss your treatment options with a professional addiction recovery counselor.

What is Group Therapy?

Typically used in combination with one-on-one counseling, group therapy involves an addiction recovery counselor overseeing a group of clients with similar issues, such as struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction. Within the confines of a safe, confidential therapeutic environment, group therapy participants can discuss challenges that are common to the group and the recovery community as a whole. They get a unique opportunity to make meaningful connections with others in similar situations and to learn how to function in a group, which acts as a built-in support network. The feeling of mutual responsibility and accountability client’s gain from group therapy is also invaluable to recovery, as it makes it harder for recovering addicts to let their peers down by returning to substance abuse.

Benefits of Activity Group Therapy

Addiction is a lonely disease, and people actively engaging in substance abuse often feel disconnected or cut off from others, especially from loved ones who don’t know about their alcohol or drug abuse, or who object to it. The same goes for individuals undergoing treatment for drug addiction, who may be feeling lost or alone, or even afraid, and since they likely relied on alcohol or drugs to deal with such unpleasant feelings in the past, trying to stay sober at a rehab facility can be a confusing and solitary experience. That’s where activity group therapy comes in. The goal of group therapy is for each client to gain a deeper understanding of his or her substance use disorder while giving support to and receiving support from other members of the group.

Too often, people trapped in a destructive cycle of active addiction have no one to talk to about their problems, nor do they have a healthy outlet where they can vent their frustrations or figure out how to heal. One of the benefits of a group therapy setting is that recovering addicts and alcoholics can voice their troubles and concerns and speak freely about their substance abuse without fear of judgment while listening to others and helping them work through their issues. In doing so, they can shed that feeling of isolation that comes with addiction, as the people around them are struggling with issues that are only too familiar.  This type of give-and-take interaction helps improve confidence and communication among members of the group, which can, in turn, aid in relapse prevention.

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Although some recovering addicts may at first feel uncomfortable about sharing their experiences with substance abuse with a group of strangers, one of the things group therapy participants at A Forever Recovery quickly learn is that they aren’t alone. If you or someone you love is facing a substance use disorder, don’t hesitate to call for help. The addiction recovery counselors at A Forever Recovery are trained to deal with all types of substance abuse and do so with compassion and kindness. Call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number to learn how you can begin the process of lifelong recovery.