Interpersonal Process Groups

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, the 21st century has shown the absolute worst substance abuse problems that this country has ever seen before. This is now the number one most concerning health problem in the entire nation. Even though it is still not quite the number one cause of preventable death in the nation, the growth factor that goes along with substance abuse is the main reason why this is considered to be such a huge problem nowadays.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Problems

The main problem here is that prior to the turn of the century there were hardly more than twelve million people in this country who were affected in any way by substance abuse. Now, the statistics will show you that more than double that number is affected by either a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction today. On top of that, substance abuse is also a lot more lethal now than it ever used to be before, which is also quite concerning.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will tell you that almost every year a little bit more than 100,000 people die from drug abuse or alcohol abuse. The Drug Abuse Warning Network will also tell you that people who abuse substances are having to go to the emergency room with increasing regularity because of serious medical problems that come up from their substance abuse.

These are studies show that around 40% of all visits to an emergency room will be because of a substance abuse problem. This is pretty unpleasant and concerning, to say the least. But the fact remains that substance abuse is not only more common now than it ever used to be before, but it is also a much bigger health risk valve ever used to be before.

Studies show that between 2001 and 2005, the American pharmaceutical industry increased the production and distribution of powerful, mind-altering and addictive prescription drugs by over 300% which of course increased substance abuse problems and addiction to these drugs like never before. The types of situations and conditions that these types of lifestyles created is certainly very concerning, but at least they are something that we can understand effectively address.

The Benefit of Group Therapy

As one can see from the above statistics, drug and alcohol addiction is truly getting worse and worse with each passing year, and the need for effective and lasting recovery options has never before been this great. Studies prove that addiction really is a huge battle and crisis right now, one of which is only getting more concerning and more problematic with each passing year.

These issues with addiction are to a point now where substance abuse habits and crisis issues are a top priority and concern for effectively addressing them and for putting people into a position and state of mind where they can effectively handle any addiction situation. This is necessary and needed for getting people free and clear from addiction for life. A recovery method and technique is such that it will offer some help and care to a person, and there are literally dozens of different recovery methods in use today, giving people excellent variety in which routes to take for tackling addiction for life.

Process groups and support groups that offer an interpersonal approach are very helpful because they give everyone present a chance to work together and to work on and through some of the issues and struggles that they might be facing as a result of abusing drugs and alcohol. Though it might be tricky and particularly challenging to face down and win against a drug or alcohol addiction, doing this becomes possible and actually approachable when one has the help of a big group of people.

Interpersonal Process Group

An interpersonal process group is a very effective and very helpful group, one of which is very well put together in the services that it provides to people and the care options and recovery methods that it can deliver to those who take part in it. The main intention and the main focus of the interpersonal groups is to get everyone involved in the groups to share their experiences, their problems, and their difficulties. Furthermore, to utilize the help and the care and the focus of the group’s participants to be able to more effectively work on their own issues and struggles.

An interpersonal approach is very effective in helping people, because not only does it give people the chance to effectively and stably get assistance from others, but it also helps people greatly by giving them the chance to help others in turn. For more information on interpersonal approaches and for insight on how to get help for an addiction through this type of approach, reach out to A Forever Recovery today at 877-467-8363.