Support Groups

In the United States today, different types of problems currently affect our country. One of them is drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is a very legitimate concern and frankly has been labeled as one of the top issues that the nation has to worry about at this time. In fact, in 2012 the President of the United States himself had some very key points to make about drug and alcohol addiction:

  • The single most concerning problem for people as far as the health of our nation went and all that went with those problems.
  • Has now hooked twenty-two million Americans, which was eleven percent of the entire United States population over the age of twelve.
  • Kills more than eighty-thousand people every year, sometimes every one-hundred thousand people.
  • Is the number one cause of death in teens, young adults, and adolescents. Substance abuse in general is a lot more common and prevalent in younger people than it is in older people. Substance abuse takes a more heavy toll on younger individuals than it does on older individuals, and younger people are statistically speaking a lot more likely to die from drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Is an exponentially bigger problem than it ever was before. Statistically speaking, there were about eight-million addicts in 1999, thirteen-million in 2005, and now almost twenty-three million in 2012.

Though treatment centers are to be applauded for their efforts in helping people to beat drug and alcohol addiction, their efforts simply are not enough. Roughly two-hundred thousand Americans get clean and sober from addiction each and every year. However, the sad truth of the matter is that about four-hundred thousand Americans become addicted to drugs and alcohol annually.

Group Therapy

As mentioned above, simply looking to addiction treatment centers as a way to resolve the addiction problem is not enough. A lot of people cannot afford to go to a treatment center, and people who can afford it often need additional help and ongoing support and care after they complete the rehab program. One such way to help these individuals is with support groups and group therapy. A support group is an excellent way for an individual to receive ongoing help and recovery methods to further help them in finding their freedom and their stability from drug and alcohol addiction.

People who suffer with addiction often need extra help and that is totally fine. There is no reason not to get extra help, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with recovering addicts needing more help after they complete a treatment program at a rehab center. Support groups and group therapy organizations are excellent locations for further helping people to find their path to freedom and abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction.

Group therapy can be participated in on an outpatient basis, so one does not need to be constantly in a treatment center to engage in it. One can take part in group therapy and support groups on an outpatient basis and can get help for their continuing sobriety and recovery in that way. Support groups can actually help to address the real life problems and difficulties that individuals face in life after rehab. Such groups are very effective and very helpful in the services that they provide to people and the options that they offer. These groups can offer multiple different types of counseling methods, therapy approaches, educational services, spiritual sessions, hands on recovery techniques, etc. A Forever Recovery offers group therapy and support groups too. Call today for more information at our toll-free number.