Women’s Support Group

What is a Women’s Support Group?

A women’s support group allows women to come together to discuss their failures, hardships, successes, and other feelings when it comes to their addiction. It can be extremely effective for a group of women who are battling an addiction to engaging in deep conversation so that they can be understood from a female perspective. There are many different types of women’s support groups, but they all have one common purpose; to allow women to share their problems with other women facing the same things.

What are the Different Types of Women’s Support Groups?

  • Womens Group Women’s groups focus on the concept of self-esteem and how it can help in the addiction recovery process. In these groups, women will discuss how self-esteem can be affected by certain factors in society, such as body image, gender roles and their stereotypes, the identity of women, and the competition between women. Women’s groups help to build one another’s self-esteem back up so that they can feel more confident to overcome their addiction.
  • Womens Detox Primary Daily Group Usually, the first stage of the addiction recovery process is detoxification or the removal of the substances from the body. This detox stage can be filled with withdrawal symptoms, frustrations, and drug cravings, so it is important to have a support system along the way to keep the individual motivated. Women’s detox first daily groups allow women to meet each other, identify their common concerns, and affirm the struggles of one another. 
  • Womens Battles Women’s battles offer a faith-based approach to healing. Here, they discuss how addiction can take place in the form of a cycle; there will be periods of difficulties and frustrations followed by periods of self-actualization and empowerment. Members of the women’s battles group work together to identify how they can transition from periods of lows to periods of highs. 
  • Wildflowers These groups allow women who were victims of sexual abuse to discuss their need for healing to a group of women. Wildflowers groups may encourage individuals to discuss their feelings about the situation, what they have been going through emotionally, and their sense of isolation. Wildflowers groups also may use a faith-based approach by teaching the victim to rely on God. 
  • Womens Issues Common triggers, relationship problems, how to live life while in recovery, and effective coping skills are only a small portion of the concepts discussed within women’s issues groups. In women’s issues groups, women can speak about their problems and receive help from a female perspective. Women will gain wisdom, encouragement, self-esteem, support, and love from a group of like-minded women.

What are the Benefits of Women’s Support Groups?

Feel less isolated — With the many hardships faced in life, especially addiction, individuals may feel like they are completely alone and don’t have anybody to talk to about their problems. By hearing countless testimonies from other women, women’s groups allow individuals to realize that other people in the world are facing the same things as them. Feeling less isolated is a major component of women’s groups and their benefits.

A sense of community — Since addiction often results in the individual having relationship problems with their friends and families, it is comforting for them to form a sense of community within women’s groups finally. Groups of people sharing their life experiences, common frustrations, and concerns about the addiction treatment process allow members of the group to become connected to one another.

Trial and error — Women’s groups enable women to compare the best medical professionals, resources for recovery, and alternative options based on what has worked for them (and what has not worked for them) in the past. Women’s groups help women to cut back on the “trial and error” that comes with the addiction recovery process by hearing directly what works and what doesn’t.

Women’s Groups at A Forever Recovery

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