Addiction Treatment Program

Knowing when to seek or ask for help due to an addiction is a taxing process, and one that must result in addiction treatment if there is any hope of getting you better. By opting to enter treatment, you are making the right choice and one that will benefit you and those who love and care about you. We have addiction treatment programs that can help anyone make it through the rigors of rehab, even those clients who are frightened of rehab, as it is an unknown to most people.

Even in the darkest of hours, an addict is scared of living without the drug or substance that has been dictating their life for so long. We recognize and understand this fear, and our addiction treatment methods take that fear and uncertainty into consideration. This is why our inpatient program is one that gives all clients as much time and attention they need to get through each step of the process in a successful and beneficial manner.

What Treatment Options are Available?

Our facility is designed, organized and staffed by the most qualified professionals in the area of addiction and rehab. Having the right program and the right mix of help and support is crucial to rehab being helpful. We can give each and every client the right addiction treatment program that is best suited for their individual needs, history, fears and doubts so that we can help make sure recovery is within reach and possible.

Some of the program options offered in our facility include the following methodologies:

  • Holistic
  • Faith-Based
  • Self-Help
  • Cognitive
  • Indigenous

Within each of the above program options, clients can choose a wide range of activities and educational sessions to help them gain the necessary skills for maintaining sobriety once the program is completed.  Below is a brief explanation of some of the treatment methods offered:

Holistic rehab:  An organic approach to treatment that incorporates yoga, meditation and a healthy diet along with exercise as a way to help an individual become physical fit. He or she will feel more confident about themselves while at the same time be able to overcome their addiction on their own terms.

Faith Based rehab:  Ideal for someone that is interested in enhancing their faith. The individual will go through daily seminars to learn more about their faith and to help him or her strengthen their walk with the Lord so that they will have guidance once they leave the addiction treatment program.

Self-help rehab:  For someone that can handle temptation during recovery. He or she will have the option to remain outside of the rehab center, but they will have to come into the facility for group seminars, lectures, and guided meditation sessions that are usually daily and then lessen to several times a week as the person progresses in their recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: Counseling, therapy, and seminars are incorporated into this stage of recovery as a way for a person to learn more about their addiction, how it is negatively affecting their life, and the risks that they are taking every time they choose to get high.

12 step rehab:  Follows the 12 steps that are used in Alcoholics Anonymous programs and Narcotics Anonymous programs. He or she will learn about their addiction, admit that they have a problem and continue through the steps for a life changing recovery. This rehab option is a character building program as well as a time for a person to get in touch with themselves and learn who they are and who they want to be.

Understanding the Options

All rehab options follow the same guidelines. These guidelines are set so that each program offers the same adequate amount of treatment as the other. The basic guideline for every rehab option available to the public includes:

  • Detox:  The beginning program that helps the individual going into treatment become physically cleansed from any negative toxins that are present. This allows the individual to have a better grasp on their addiction by causing them to remain sober for several weeks. Once an individual has made it through detox, they are then ready to begin the rest of their programs.
  • Behavioral modification therapy: Helps a recovering addict get a better grasp on their addiction. They will go through extended courses and seminars so that they can gain insight about remaining sober once they are free from their addiction and learn how to juggle school, finances, recovery, and a family once they leave rehab.
  • Aftercare:  Optional, but ideal for someone that has been living with an addiction for a long period of time. This option offers live in quarters, additional counseling, therapy and support groups that will help a recovering addict better transition into life without addiction.

Activities such as exercise and fitness routines, music and art therapy, relaxation and meditation techniques, nutritional guidance, and many more.  Counseling is a big part of the addiction treatment approach, offering clients one-on-one or group sessions.  Our goal is to help each client regain a sense of self-worth and confidence that was lost due to their addiction. This is a crucial aspect in the client’s overall success.

Choosing the Perfect Rehab for You

It is not as simple as just calling and beginning treatment. Each of the rehab options available fit people in many different ways. These programs are based on a person’s personality and personal preferences to help them feel comfortable knowing that they are inside of a rehab program that is made for them.

To get step by step guidance in planning your perfect addiction treatment program or to get help in determining which of the rehab options will work best for you, contact our addiction treatment counselors now.