A Forever Recovery’s Five Tracks: Faith-Based Recovery

What’s good for one person isn’t necessarily good for another. So often, recovery programs are focused on one method of treatment. A patient checks in and success or failure is predicated upon that method working with their personality and temperament. A Forever Recovery is different. Five different “tracks” are offered. Patients are encouraged to try all of them upon arriving to the facility so as to find the right fit.

In this series, we are going to highlight each of the five tracks offered at AFR: faith-based, self-help, holistic, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and indigenous.

FAITH-BASED: Recovery based upon Christ’s Principles

For those who would consider themselves Christ followers, it wouldn’t make sense to go through such an impactful process of recovery without acknowledging their relationship with God. AFR offers a faith-based track that is composed of a guided Christian Bible study, spiritual lectures, as well as sermons and concepts taught by ordained pastors and ministers.

“The whole way the program is laid out, the bottom line is that it starts with self-appraisal,” said current AFR Case Manager Gretchen Sauer, who is a former patient. “They empty out your baggage with going through the whole process.”

Patients can choose the faith-based track, but also work in other tracks to keep from falling into monotony. Gretchen says that is the only way she was able to complete the program. “One night I could go faith-based and praise,” she said. “One night I could go to AA or NA. Then the days I was really angry I’d go to CBT track and talk about my anger and how to work through that. I have Native American in my background, so I could go to the Indigenous track – anything I wanted to do.”

Celebrate Recovery

AFR is the only rehab facility that is certified to practice Celebrate Recovery, a program that began 20 years ago at Saddleback Church in California. The program is based upon Biblical teaching, rather than psychological principles and offers group fellowship for Christians struggling through addiction.

“(Celebrate Recovery) was designed as a program to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through a recovery process,” says the group’s website. Another resource offered is weekly Shepherd’s Embrace meetings in Battle Creek, where AFR is located. The meetings are Christian-based 12-step recovery, which is an AA meeting focused on recovery from anything that separates patients from a Higher Power, or God. Outside church service is also provided on Sundays.

The bottom line is that the faith-based track is just one path patients can take. As Gretchen did during her recovery process, patients can also take a little from the faith-based track while taking advantage of others. It is something that makes AFR unique and helps its patients find success.

Baptism at A Forever Recovery

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