Different types of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction issues have come and gone over the years. These issues bring with them varying levels of concern when it comes to the overall threat.  Unfortunately, as it stands right now, drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue in this country. Of the many addictions today, barbiturate addiction is not only dangerous, it can be deadly as well. 

In fact, drug and alcohol addiction is now perhaps worse than it has ever been before. Drug and alcohol addiction is a brutal factor, to say the least.  Unless major action is taken soon, the United States will have a huge substance abuse crisis on their hands.

What are Barbiturates?

Barbiturates are have become increasingly popular in this country. They are used as sedatives, hypnotics, and anxiety-reducing drugs.  The problem with barbiturates addiction is that it can be dangerous or life-threatening.   Using barbiturates without a prescription compounds the dangers in numerous ways.

Barbiturates are a class of drug, so they are not just one drug.  The main classification of them and how they differ is defined by how long their effects last.  Some have effects that can last for up to two days, some only last for a few minutes.  People take these drugs by injecting them or by swallowing the pill form.

Barbiturate Addiction, Effects, and Dangers of Overdose

Barbiturates are powerful drugs.  They have serious effects on a person, and even a slight overdose can cause unconsciousness, coma, or even death.  Furthermore, when an individual has a barbiturates addiction, the drugs can cause life-threatening withdrawal issues. The truth of the matter is that these drugs are extremely dangerous, to say the least. Even more alarming, barbiturate addiction is only going to get worse if nothing is done to address one’s addiction to them.

What many people do not know about barbiturates is that there was an epidemic of barbiturates addiction in the 1970s. Many people died from overdosing on them at that time.  What a lot of people also do not know is that a lot of people today use these drugs  to commit suicide.  Combining the use of these substances with the use of alcohol can be lethal very quickly and very painfully.

People also do not really know about the effects of barbiturates until after they start abusing them.  These drugs make people feel drowsy, intoxicated, disinhibited, slurring speech, confused, disoriented, etc.  The drug can cause coma and death.

Addressing Barbiturate Addiction with Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient rehab centers can help people struggling with barbiturate addiction in many different ways.  For example, inpatient rehab programs can help by offering them a detox program so they can work on the chemical aspects of their addiction. In addition to that, people can get a lot of help and assistance from one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions.

A rehab program also offers rehabilitative methods to their clients that are proven effective.  A rehab can deliver care and assistance to addressing the mental and the psychological aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. If an addict does not address all of the aspects and facets of an addiction to barbiturates, they will certainly end up just falling back into addiction and suffering from more problems later.

A Forever Recovery has the tools and the treatment methods, both for detox and for rehab, for helping someone who has become addicted to barbiturates.