Crystal Meth

Different types of drug and alcohol addiction issues have created worry and consternation all across the nation.  Since the turn of the century, substance abuse has grown to be the single most concerning health-related issue in our country. The problem has far expanded beyond what drug abuse was during the twentieth century. Crystal meth addiction is one such issue that was not prevalent in years past. However, it is a major problem in today’s society.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Among Americans

Now, there are over twenty-three million Americans with addictions with around one-hundred thousand dying every year because of them. The sad truth is that there are more than double the number of addicts, and more than triple the number of deaths than there were just two decades ago. The problem with substance abuse is such that different addiction issues seem to expand and get worse. Another significant problem with drug abuse is the sheer numbers of people who are living with addiction.

Crystal meth is one such drug that is being abused rampantly today that was not being used in this nation hardly at all before the turn of the century. Now, there is a serious problem in the country, and it is the crystal meth addiction epidemic.

About Crystal Meth

What is crystal meth, exactly? Crystal meth is merely a hardened, glass-like version of methamphetamine, which is a very addictive stimulant drug substance. Crystal meth is synthetic, meaning that it is man-made. Methamphetamine has no medical use, yet its popularity began when prescription drugs did the same.

Crystal meth appears in rock crystals or glass sheets. It will either be semi-transparent, white, or blue. Individuals smoke, snort, or inject crystal meth. The substance produces a powerful, erratic, and incredibly mind-altering high that severely changes the mindset and feelings of an individual. Such a high will cause a person to feel unpredictable, not there, out of their mind, herculean, illogical, and highly energetic.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2009, no less than over a million Americans over the age of twelve had abused crystal meth at some point in the last year. To add to it, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported that twelve million Americans had used crystal meth at least once in their lives.

Rehabilitation for Crystal Meth Addiction

The way to adequately address drug and alcohol addiction is to get the person into an inpatient addiction treatment program, The problem with crystal meth addiction is that such addictions cannot be alleviated simply with the help of an outpatient program or some group therapy. Crystal meth addiction is so strong and sets in so deep that people will need a far more focused and direct approach to get the job done.

Rehabilitation for crystal meth addiction will include three, primary factors:
  1. The first approach is with that of detox. Detox is necessary and needed because it is what creates chemical freedom from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Detoxification promotes stability and peace of mind from a chemical and a physiological perspective. Detox helps the person ween off of meth, and it gets him or her to a point where they are no longer physically affected by the substances at all. This is a very worthwhile goal to strive towards indeed.
  2. The next step for addressing an addiction to crystal meth is to go into and through an actual rehabilitation program. This will be where the mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects of drug and alcohol addiction are taken up. This method addresses the spiritual, mental, psychological, and personal issues of substance abuse in general. In some cases, drug addiction is more of a mental and psychological problem than it is physical.
  3. Though it may seem like you are through at that point, there is still another step you will need to address with drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This final step is the step of aftercare. Aftercare is the outpatient process of continuing to work on one’s recovery and sobriety after leaving rehab. With the help of aftercare, a person can create stability in their sobriety.

Rehabilitation is the key to addressing crystal meth addiction effectively. Call A Forever Recovery today to take the first step towards sobriety that lasts a lifetime.