Holistic Group Therapy

Drug and alcohol abuse has consistently grown as a problem in our country, expanding and increasing with significant concern with each passing year since the turn of the century.  We are now faced with a condition where substance abuse is our number one health problem, merely because of how many people are affected by it and because of how many people die from it every year.  A great amount of effort has been placed on how to address this problem in recent years, and the end result has been a simple truth.  We still have a lot more work to do.

In all of the effort done to address drug and alcohol addiction in our country, one of the most effective methods of treatment that has emerged has been that of holistic group therapy.  Holistic group therapy is a method of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that involves the sensible utilization of non-medical rehabilitative methods for an entire group of people.  This is a method of treatment that is entirely natural, absolutely sensible, and more spiritual than clinical.  It is delivered on a group basis to also add the factor of interaction between its participants.

Group Therapy

Any approach to addiction with any kind of therapy will be better than no approach and no therapy at all.  Group therapy has its place in the realm of being a very effective way for treating drug and alcohol addiction.  This is a method by which multiple, recovering individuals get together within a rehabilitative setting and work on underlying issues, coping strategies, trigger mechanisms, life skills, relapse prevention, group healing, etc. all at the direction of a group therapist.

Group therapy comes in many different shapes and sizes, with some methods being more general and basic and others being highly specific and direct.  One form of group therapy that has risen greatly in popularity in recent years has been that of holistic group therapy.  Holistic group therapy is an approach to addiction treatment that seeks to utilize completely natural methods of recovery to rehabilitate not only a person from their addiction struggle, but to also address the mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Holistic group therapy as it is utilized in addiction treatment has many different paths.  Some of the process that would be worked on in a holistic group therapy environment would be treatment methods like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Working together as a team to locate and address key, underlying issues that contributed to the inception of the addiction in the first place, using cognitive principles of self discovery.
  • Strong Minds, Strong Bodies.  A holistic approach to addiction treatment that utilizes focus and direct attention on building up strength and resistance to the temptation to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.  A spiritual healing process to create coping strategies and refusal skills.
  • Moral Reconation Therapy.  A group session that locates the individual within himself or herself, mentally and spiritually healing them morally, and showing them that addiction recovery is more than just the cessation of active substance abuse.
  • Group Meditation.  A calming and relaxing technique of focusing on the core issues of addiction and of addressing substance abuse from the perspective of it being a personal issue that one must address mentally and spiritually.  Uses breathing techniques and mental exercises to heal people in groups.
  • Yoga.  Practiced in a group setting, Yoga is also a form of group therapy.  Yoga is also a holistic treatment, in that it utilizes a mind, body, and spirit approach to treatment.  Yoga makes for direct and stable recovery methods and successful treatment routes.  Yoga helps people in a group setting to heal their bodies through exercise and their minds through the calming and spiritual experience that Yoga offers.  
  • Nutrition, proper diet, vitamins, and supplements.  Taught in group settings, Nutritional Education has a big part to play in holistic group therapy.  This is a method and technique that is incredibly helpful for people to engage in, because it teaches them how to repair the damage that years of substance abuse will have irrevocably caused on their bodies.  
  • Music and Art Therapy.  The creation of music and art is another method of holistic group therapy, and the spiritual benefit to this is extremely helpful.  Music and art therapy is very helpful in a lot of different ways, because it helps people to tap into their creative side, and it encourages people to use their creativity and their chosen medium as a way to express themselves in recovery.
  • Tai Chi.  Similar to Yoga, Tai Chi or other forms of exercise similar to it are often practiced in a holistic group therapy setting within a rehab program.  This approach, like Yoga, hails back to civilizations from long ago that practiced Tai Chi not only as a form of martial arts, but also as a way to build strength of both mind and body.


A holistic route to addiction treatment is rapidly becoming a preferred method for addressing drug and alcohol addiction.  As the twenty-first century wears on, medical methods for addressing drug and alcohol addiction are not thought to be as successful, mainly because people are becoming addicted to pharmaceutical drugs with rapidly increasing prevalence.  The U.S. National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health did a research project on this.  According to them:

  • “Prescription drug abuse has reached an epidemic level in the United States. The prevalence of prescription drug abuse escalated rapidly beginning in the late 1990s, requiring a significant increase in research to better understand the nature and treatment of this problem. Since this time, a research literature has begun to develop and has provided important information about how prescription drug abuse is similar to, and different from the abuse of other substances.  Markers of public health impact ranging from incidence to mortality indicate that the abuse of prescription drugs has reached an epidemic level. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that more than 16.7 million people age 12 and older in the United States abused prescription drugs in 2012, with approximately 2.1 million people meeting criteria for a diagnosis of a substance use disorder related to prescription drugs.”

We can see then, that when our country relies so heavily on medial rehabilitative means to help people escape the trappings of addiction, yet it is very often medical drugs that people are addicted to, our faith in medical means of rehabilitation dwindles significantly.  Very often the very drugs and medicines used in medical rehabilitation facilities are themselves addictive, which seems counterproductive.  Holistic methods of rehabilitation however do not use any addictive substances within their programs.  Furthermore, not only do holistic methods of rehabilitation heal a person from their drug or alcohol addiction, but they also go the extra mile by fully revitalizing that person from all angles of the mind, body, and spirit.  

A Forever Recovery offers holistic group therapy as a backbone of its recovery methodology.  While there are many different routes and courses of action to choose from at A Forever Recovery, holistic approaches are very near and dear to our hearts.  We believe in a clean and spiritual route out of an addiction struggle that is also sensible, practical, and applicable to one’s day-to-day life.  A Forever Recovery applies all facets of addiction recovery in their programs.  Holistic group therapy is delivered at A Forever Recovery in all of the above, bulleted points and more.  For more information and to get started on your own path to abstinence, reach out to A Forever Recovery today at 877-467-8363.  Don’t let addiction be the end for you.  Call today and let us help you start recovery now