Addiction Triggers

There are dozens of different things that can induce addiction triggers causing a person to turn to drugs as an escape from their world as they know it.

These things can be everyday objects in your life to people that pressure you into using, and there is no real way to remain away from these addiction triggers. Therefore you have to have willpower and a great support system to stay sober.

Living with an addiction and giving into temptation on a regular basis can cost you severely in your life. You may have trouble with:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • finances
  • social life
  • emotional health
  • relationships

Of the millions of people that struggle every day with an addiction, less than half of those people will ever successfully overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is because of the addiction triggers that are always present in the modern world we live in and the lack of care the individual has at remaining sober.

Addiction Triggers Inside the Home

Addiction TriggersYou may think that because you are at home most of the time, you are safe from falling victim to addiction again, but there are tons of things at home that can set off an addiction without you considering them a threat. Take for example the people that you live with. Whether that person is a child, spouse, family member or friend they may cause stress in your life. That pressure will cause you to want to use ultimately ending in you struggling with a long-term addiction again. To eliminate these common addiction triggers consider moving away from the stressful people in your life unless they are your children or spouse in which case you should consider therapy or counseling as a way to relieve that stress present in your life.

Several other familiar addiction triggers inside of the home include:

  • An unclean, cluttered atmosphere

Remaining inside of an environment that is cluttered and dirty will cause you to live your life as your house is. You will always be stressed or depressed because of the housing situation you live in. Remember, surround yourself with positive things, and you will have a more positive life

  • Drab, depressing living spaces

Being surrounded by depression can cause a person to suffer from depression. For a long-time drug user that is going through recovery, this can mean triggering depression which can trigger an addiction. Lighten up your home. Make it feel inviting and friendly, and your mood will soon be enlightened.

The addiction triggers inside a person’s home are potentially dangerous and making necessary changes to give yourself a more pleasant lifestyle will be the best way to avoid a possible relapse.

Addiction Triggers Outside the Home

Addiction triggers outside of the home are the most common of the potential threats when it comes to a person relapsing from addiction. Because of the constant pressures to use drugs in today’s world, there is no escaping the problems that you will face in your everyday life. These common addiction triggers that people deal with whenever they enter into the world include but are not limited to:

Pressure from other people:

Whether those people are your friends or co-workers if someone is tempting you to use drugs you have to exclude those people from your life. A person that urges you to use drugs is not a real friend and will only be there if you continue to use drugs just as they are. Consider making new friends or changing your job to a less unstable environment.


You may think that the media would never want you to use drugs, but you are wrong. Drugs such as the following are considered cool in our modern society:

  • prescription drugs
  • alcohol
  • marijuana

They are nationally marketed sometimes without people even recognizing them. This is a costly business that has high demands for customers at all cost.

Ignore the media and its pathetic attempts to get you to drink, smoke or pop pills as a way to remain younger, seem cooler or fix something in your life that does not need to be fixed.