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Drug-Addicted Parents and the Effects on their Children

Drug-Addicted Parents and the Effects on Their Children

When a parent engages in prolonged and untreated drug abuse, their children are invariably the primary casualties. In addition to vulnerability to the immediate physical health risks of prenatal drug use, children of drug-addicted parents are robbed of the love, support, stability, and sense of home to which every child …


Drugs and Pregnancy: Pregnant Women and Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Taking drugs and abusing alcohol is very harmful to any individual, but for pregnant women struggling with these issues, it can be dangerous for not only yourself but also the child you are carrying in your womb. Women that abuse these substances have an increased risk of experiencing a miscarriage, …

Drug-Related Deaths

4 Minutes Ago Another Person Died from Drug or Alcohol-Related Causes

Drug and alcohol-related fatalities and suicides increased at a record pace of 11 percent in the last year.  To translate that number into actual individual deaths, it amounts to 142,000 American lives that ended at a rate of about one every four minutes. This number is the highest ever recorded, …

evidence-based addiction treatment

What is Evidence-Based, Scientifically-Sound Addiction Treatment?

While researching addiction treatment programs, you will find hundreds of choices. Among the variety of treatment methods offered, you’ll see the terms evidence-based addiction treatment or scientifically-sound addiction treatment programs. Let’s take a look at what these terms mean in the context of addiction treatment so you’ll have a better …

Anxiety and Drug Addiction

Is Depression or Anxiety Causing Your Drug Addiction?

When you’re struggling with anxiety and drug addiction, you may wonder if they are connected. In fact, you may ask yourself if the depression or anxiety is the cause for the drug addiction.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “those with anxiety disorders may find that alcohol or …

Helping a Loved One Recover

What NOT to do When a Loved One Returns Home from Rehab

When a loved one returns home after rehab, those first few days or weeks are the most crucial.  Many recovering addicts leave rehab with high expectations and are eager to prove themselves. But, if they are in an environment that doesn’t support their efforts, relapse is likely.  It’s important for …

Babies Withdrawing From Opioids

Babies Born Withdrawing From Opioids:  What You Should Know About NAS

Almost every 15 minutes in the U.S. a baby is born withdrawing from opioids.  Let that fact sink in for a minute.  If you aren’t shocked yet, then consider this: between 2009 and 2014, the number of babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) increased 123 percent.  In 2009 the …

Misleading Beliefs About Addiction

5 Misleading Beliefs We Have About Addiction

Sometimes it’s difficult to participate in a conversation about addiction without stirring up a heated debate. It seems that everyone has a different opinion on the topic. But, the important thing is that they are talking about the issue and trying to reach some level of understanding the facts. People …

Family Role in Addiction and Recovery

What is the Family Role in Addiction and Recovery?

Most people don’t think that families have a role in addiction or recovery. However, this is far from true. There are many parts to the family role in addiction and recovery of practically all addicts.  Whether drugs or alcohol are involved, the family plays a role as well. Family Participation …


Is Opioid Abuse Among Women Worse than Men?

Opioid abuse among women seems to be occurring more with more opioid overdoses being reported in women than men. Reports show that opioid abuse among women occurs more in rural areas of the United States in middle-class citizens. Are women more susceptible to opioid abuse and addiction than men? Many …

Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction

With Professional Help, You Can Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction

Acknowledging that you have a problem with substance abuse can be your first step toward reclaiming your life. With the right treatment, you can beat substance abuse and addiction. Sometimes it takes a loss to make a person realize that they need help for addiction.  It could be the result …

Methamphetamine Raises Stroke Risks

Methamphetamine Raises Stroke Risks Among Young Abusers

It has been found that methamphetamine raises stroke risks in young people. These are called hemorrhagic strokes due to bleeding in the brain.  These strokes are more deadly than the strokes caused by blood clots. In the 21st-century, there is much concern about drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse …

relapse in recovery

Relapse in Recovery: What Does it Mean?

Relapse is a terrible thing for people in recovery.  After working so hard to achieve recovery, a relapse is difficult to overcome.  The individual may feel like there is no hope and no way out.  They often feel like this is the end of the line.  Sometimes, when a person …

Fatal Overdose Resulting from Addiction

Could You Suffer a Fatal Overdose Resulting from Addiction?

Do you know how easy it is for a person to have a fatal overdose resulting from addiction? Most individuals addicted to drugs, whether they are prescription or illicit, never think about any of the consequences of their addiction. The number one consequence that they never think about is that …

Drug Addiction Turmoil

The Turmoil of Drug Addiction

The average drug addict will maintain about one year of substance abuse before their finances, friendships, and family dissolves.  The person is left with fewer means to obtain their drug of choice.  Harsher consequences often lead to homelessness, injury and crime. Drug addiction turmoil is a severe form of physiological dependence.  It …