A Forever Recovery Graduate: John

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A Forever Recovery Graduate: John

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A Forever Recovery graduate John. For those struggling with addiction, success after just one trip to rehab is rare.

John, who graduated from A Forever Recovery on August 15, is no exception. During his testimony in front of staff and peers, John explained why he considers A Forever Recovery’s program to be the last he will go through.

“I had never been to a place that they would allow you to spread your faith – whatever it is,” he said. “That’s the main thing that brought me back because … different places want you to put (what you believe in) under the rug.”

“The first class I went to with Mr. Joe, and someone said ‘something is going down, ’ and Joe stood up and said, ‘whatever you believe, you can express.’

“From that day forward, I allowed the God of my understanding to work with me, and I am so grateful for that.”

An Experience That Lasts a Lifetime

John’s experience at A Forever Recovery impacted him beyond the world of addiction.

When he stepped up to the microphone, the first thing he said was, “You’re all my family now, man.”

Then, pointing to the “after” photo on the projector (A Forever Recovery takes photos of clients upon entering and leaving), he said, “That’s a miracle right there, man.”

John was choked up as he talked about Executive Director Pam Anderson, who heads up A Forever Recovery’s program.

“I never knew recovery would be like this,” he said. “I never experienced recovery like this before. I’ve been to several places, but never like this.”

[frame]A Forever Recovery runs a peer-based program that relies upon the encouragement and bonding of those who attend. Listening to the graduate speeches week after week, it is clear this method of recovery truly works for these clients who leave the facility sober and with human bonds that will help hold them accountable.[/frame]

“Big or small,” said John, “everybody played a big part in me becoming who I am today. When I leave, I’m not leaving them behind, man, because, from every step I take, you’re going to be with me from here on out.”

To conclude his talk, John chose to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ for those in attendance.

When he finished, he concluded with the fact that he knew God would bless A Forever Recovery:

“The reason why this means so much to me and why God is going to bless this place so tremendously when I leave here – because I know this – because I’m a licensed minister.”

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