Graduates from A Forever Recovery Discuss Benefits of Addiction Treatment Modality

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Graduates from A Forever Recovery Discuss Benefits of Addiction Treatment Modality

The recovery process is an intensely individual one that reflects the personal history, physiology, needs and priorities of the recovering addict. It is a personal journey. A rehab program that recognizes the uniqueness of each situation has the best chance of achieving lasting results in rehabilitation and recovery. The different modalities we offer at A Forever Recovery are just some of the benefits of addiction treatment here.

Such a program is A Forever Recovery. “At A Forever Recovery, we understand that no one approach to addiction treatment will work for every individual. We offer a moral reasoning approach to recovery from addiction so that each person can take his or her path to recovery with the spiritual, cognitive, and fellowship support he/she may need.

Celebrating Recovery

Every September, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. This celebration is also one of the benefits of addiction treatment. Graduates of AFR’s program shared their experiences.

  • Kathleen:I am very excited to go back home and see my family, to show them the new old me, to be with my family and to pick up my life and to move forward, and I’m ready to do that now.
  • Jarakah:The overall experience of AFR completely changed my life. My thinking process is different. The track really helped me take a negative idea turn it into a positive immediately. What can I do to fix this? What’s good about this situation?
  • Jimmy:You don’t have to end your life this way. You can live life to the fullest. There is hope, there is purpose, there is hope. And if you dig deep, you shall set yourself free.
  • Eric:AFR is a fantastic program. I am beyond blessed and grateful for it. And I am looking forward to continuing my recovery outside of here.
  • Alex:It exceeded my expectations. This place can work for anybody as long as you’re willing to choose to make it work for you.  As long as you have the choice to make a change, you will change. I can definitely say I changed from the moment I came in here.
  • Steven:Tomorrow I’m graduating the program – I finally finished today. So I’m excited to get my life back. I’m excited to give my parents their son back. I’m excited to give my girlfriend her boyfriend back. Be the real man I was supposed to be.
  • Blake:I can be who I want to be without drugs and alcohol.  And I love it. I love myself. Now that I’m graduating I feel so proud of myself. Now that I’ve made it through it I just feel like I’ve achieved something.

Their words reflect their individual challenges and triumphs and reinforce the hope that it is possible to break free of the darkness of addiction and find the light of a new day. With the decision to change, in an environment where individual needs are not only recognized but totally provided for, it is possible.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment: Personalized Recovery

AFR’s multiple tracks to recovery include:

  • The faith-based track for those who wish to explore and strengthen their Christian faith to fortify the spiritual support they will need to maintain their recovery after treatment.
  • The self-help track develops and facilitates supportive relationships through groups, fellowships, and other recovering community organizations and meetings.
  • The cognitive track for those who believe that empowerment to overcome addiction comes from within.
  • The indigenous track incorporates Native American teachings with the 12 steps approach.

If you would like more information about the benefits of addiction treatment programs, please call our toll-free number today.

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